Mario Vitale

07 Jun, 2017 03:20 AM
Dark fixed at night to fright in deep consciousness flight

Gone in desperation quick fix to hide inside pain
In heated pleasure silenced to a slow pitch
In fetters sought with creatures among lines drawn in features


Dark in dusk who do we trust
Blackened stench in negate trench
A trance sold out advance per chance
In limestone some engrafted in time

A warm encounter with ghost sublime

Fought back the tears to hide the pain
Along lines asunder totally insane filled in dreams slight scream with Summer's rain
Eyes filled up with coffins chill in brain
Suffering chill down spine through a collapsed dispare

An eagle fly's above shelter lies dormant amidst the pain
Not some door mat bent on any high healed excursion
In the pit of silence nursed back the tear of ellusive hate

We carry dreams filled with timeless fragmentation in ellusive lines filled in imagination
Carry me further down by the river pilgrims process shelter lieth dormant
Amidst modest apparell to appease the night in sullen asps in seperation into a vile 

Chaste impulse that derives an analogy sullen fragments
Cemetary very scarey even if your in the weary
Trampled back its timeless clause by impulse an explosion of applause

Having long hanging viscious fangs that bite in the night to fright
A shout of intense madness filled with sadness
Shadows fixed within timeless clause
A plausible cue toward a viable loss...
Tags: Hate, Fake, Darkness
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