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Mario Vitale

07 Jun, 2017 03:20 AM
Dark fixed at night to fright in deep consciousness flight

Gone in desperation quick fix to hide inside pain
In heated pleasure silenced to a slow pitch
In fetters sought with creatures among lines drawn in features


Dark in dusk who do we trust
Blackened stench in negate trench
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Tags: Hate, Fake, Darkness
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The Impostor


05 May, 2015 05:50 PM
A smile hides my tears 
A joke masks my sadness
I've banished, locked away my pain deep in my soul's dungeon 
And I've thrown away the key
So you can never see
Me cry. 

I've tucked my melancholy beneath
A roughly designed mask decorated with
Pretend Jokes
Fake Smiles
Phony Laughter
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Tags: Lies, Happy, Fake
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The Lady Killer

Brittany Revis

18 Aug, 2013 08:04 AM
A lady killer, 
in every sense of the term.
You beat in there heads, 
and leave them to burn.

The mistakes they've made, 
for having a kind heart.
The regret they save, 
Keep that for the best part.

When you where left by a lover, 
her beauty like non other.
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Tags: Bundy, Killer, Death, Murder, Dead, Ladies, Dark Hair, Love, Fake, Darkness, Rape, Charm, Anger
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Her Ghost In The Fog

Mark Lestat

26 Oct, 2012 12:35 AM
Her Ghost In The Fog
Her Face On The Moon
Her Words In My Mind
I See Her Face When I Close My Eyes.

She Is My Nightmare when I Sleep
She Visit Me In The Dark , 
Thats Why I hate Being In The Light
Brings Me To Life When She Come To me , 
And Its Like a Knife Crossing My Heart When She disappears.

Her Eyes Make Me Gave Up ,
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Tags: Dark, Dead, Fake, Suffering, Lost
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