Gothic Darkness

Mario Vitale

07 Jun, 2017 03:16 AM
Pillars in light fashionable decorum sets the standard
 Those high rise structures with heavenly interior
 The holy oblation lead to the ultimate construction
 In matters of trust we can maintain a humane aura
 A heart that devised the good of humanities stake & claim
 An old lady named Grier used to live in it's dwelling
 A structure well kept yet needs a fix up with the plumbing
 Grier used to frequent her yard with it's barbed wire fence
 Tragedy had claimed her late husband's life that left her alone
 She carries on with a smile in her lone desolation
 A mere place for rest like a long awaited vacation
 With sincere love in her heart she would often sing
 Letting in the sunshine inside her brilliant dwelling
 A noted poet herself used to write to her hearts content
 The fashion of her study was filled with perfume & appeal
 Stacks of books lined the way the went to her parlor
 She made music in her head as she was getting ready to sleep
 A sincere whisper of gratitude would always be nestled at her feet
 For Grier was living smooth to the natural eye
 Sought back the pain from within with a simple sigh
 She dedicates her home to the loving hands of almighty God
 Enough to give her courage amidst a darkened cloud
 Silently awaits the true love to come through the door
 A beacon of light to a much hurting world in need
 Soft lace now decorates the rug with plush moderation
 A sip of tea will bring forth a new year's resolution
 She has gained yet also has lost humanities heaviest cost
 With four walls of gothic revival in her unique quest
Tags: Hate, Hurt, Darkness
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