Shattered Mind

DC Martin

11 Mar, 2012 08:24 AM
Locked away in solitude, within the shadows I remain,
awash in a sea of phantoms, adrift in a storm of pain
ghostly gasps around me, haunting voices of sins described,
without a scream I live this dream, within my shattered mind.

I see a scene of sadness, A vision of days gone by,
a revelation of what awaits me here beneath this long dead sky,
these bars they comfort little, to protect me, or those outside,
either way it's how it's supposed to be, within a shattered mind.

No sense of how things ought to be, no comprehension or logic here,
for a shattered mind just passes the time, grinning from ear to ear.
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Tags: Insanity, Solitude
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DC Martin

11 Mar, 2012 08:18 AM
into this box I'm looking but not a thing of mine I see,
what I had you wanted, what was there you took from me,
The blackened days that follow, the ones that hide me away,
cover over my inside that's hollow, for at least another day.
give me back my sanity, let me leave this world in peace,
what you took from me, my vanity, such a fucking thief.

I'll wait for you there, a shadow hiding in your room,
quietly breathing, never leaving, I'll see you very soon.
into this box you're going, in one piece or two,
what you took, I took back again, and now blackened days they follow you.
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Tags: Death, Unloved, Apathy
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A man of darkness


22 Jan, 2012 03:31 AM
A man of darkness with a dark past 
and until now he is in the dark 
but he is hoping that someday 
that dark will fade off to his life...

A man of darkness with his expression and movement 
no one knows what a kind of pain he hide inside his smile...

A man of darkness with a promise to his beloved girl 
that he will do everything to her,for her and only her...

A man of darkness with a curse of darkness
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Tags: Darkness, Broken, Hope
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When It Gets Dark...


22 Jan, 2012 03:38 AM
When It Gets Dark - A Prayer of Darkpalm21

When it gets dark the birds & flowers
Shut their eyes & says goodnight
And the father who loves them is counting the hours of darkness...
And keeps them safe until the light comes again 
and blur away the hour of darkness...

Dear Father,
Count the hours tonight...
When I can't see any light...
Because I know you will never put me out
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Tags: Darkness, Night
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