Top 5 Dark Songs

11 Jan, 2013 03:43 AM

I listen to dark music when I want some time alone to myself because I want to sink into imagination that takes me away from the hassles of this word. And today I will take you through five of my favorite dark songs that I recommend you should listen to.

Among the many dark songs that I have come across, I like "Seven Sirens and a Silver Tear by Sirenia" the most. It has a classical rhythm about it and makes you listen to more. The piano keynotes, as they get higher take you into a dreamy, lonely place. I imagine myself running through dark, misty woods towards a ray of light yet the more I run the farther the light seems to be. It’s drizzling and the clouds are thundering yet I fight my way through the raindrops. The higher the keynotes get the faster I run and I’m running to an elevation now. This music takes me into deeper imagination and I can actually feel the cold and the rain drops on my face.

I also like the number "Save Me from Myself by Sirenia" because it talks of freedom of a dark soul. I like the beat and the lyrics most. Listening to this song I can picture a helpless soul that is imprisoned by its own thoughts, hurt and feelings. It talks of a time when you feel like you have had enough of this world and of your own desires, emotions (another dark side of the soul) and all you want to do is to break free from it all.

The next most favorite dark song of mine is the "X-files Theme song by Mark Snow". The music is creepy yet rhythmic and it makes the listener wander into another world. It makes you enter the world of super natural where nothing is usual; everything is creepy and mysterious. With each rising note the creepiness heightens and you may feel the chill running down your spine as you imagine horrible, spooky, mysterious things from the dark side. Because it’s the theme song of a serial that revolves around paranormal activities and unknown creatures of the universe; listening to it immediately reminds of the serial and the many interestingly creepy episodes.

"Lies by Evanescence" is yet another all time favorite dark song of mine. I love this lady’s voice and the themes that she picks to sing about. This song reflects a broken, tormented heart and soul. The agony is evident from her voice and the beat seems to show the intensity of the pain felt. The lyrics are amazing as they speak of betrayal. Being in this world of lies and dishonesty it has become so easy to relate to songs of this nature. They speak of the darkness of souls who have become indifferent to mankind.

I remember by first breakup, my first ever heart break and I remember how I used to listen to "My Immortal by Evanescence" over and over again. I could feel her sing my emotions and all that I wanted to scream and shout. As I write this it still brings a little tear at the corner of my eyes how hurt I was and how real I had always thought the relationship was. Well, so to say this song really hits me like an arrow in the heart when I think of how deep and how honest one’s emotions can be while on the other hand how cruel the response could be.

These songs I can never get off my hit list as they take me to the dark side; away from this material world.



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Fallen_Angels_Cant_fly says:
10 Feb, 2013 04:33 PM

i need to check these out

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anne says:
12 Jun, 2013 04:09 PM

These are really cool, I've youtubed them all!

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kent diaz says:
20 Dec, 2013 01:21 AM

Love ur story
Has lots of detail

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Shawn says:
04 Feb, 2014 10:24 PM

I may check these out. lol I too like to think of a story behind some music. I think you should really check out I against me by Agonoize, in my opinion it is a song of self-doubt and resentment in a person. I think that is one of my favorite songs. Like I said i'll totally check these out.

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