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Name: Cassandra(Crimson)Marshall
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About Me: My name is Cassandra Marshall or as I Like to be called, Cassie Crimson (Carnivore) and I have always found dark disturbing things beautiful. Most of my writing is surrounded by my twisted, yet gracious sense of creativity and imagination. I'm hoping people will find an interest in the work I have done. I also hope anyone who reads it can dig deep and be able to feel the words as they read them off the paper.
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It makes me happy that i can be an inspiration for people and I'm glad you guys appreciate my work. Thank you!
Thank you so much!
:-) thank you very much
Thank you very much :-)
Thank you very much. This is from my experience. I am thankful I survived. I'm happy for you too. If you want to read more of my pieces I have more published on here.