11 Feb, 2014 07:49 PM
Cassandra Marshall-Steward

Sometimes at night I lie awake
Unable to sleep.
The darkness seeps into the cracks of my mind;
Infesting it with thoughts and questions of myself.

I question my sanity
As I lay there in the dark alone with my fears.
Am I insane that I see and hear demons
who really don't exist?
Are the fears I have much too quaint?

These are the thoughts
That crawl through my mind.
But still there is more
Questioning my sanity.
Am I really all that they say I am?
Who am I really?

I look at the reflection poised in the mirror.
I stare deep into the eyes of the person
absorbed in the mirror.
What I see there in her soul
Does not make my fears cease at all.

What I see is a broken down girl
afraid of how the world judges her.
I see it there etched into her being.
So she locks her soul away
Keeping herself sheltered.

She keeps herself sheltered
From a hopeless dream of perfection.
So that her soul shall never shatter
Again and be left with nothing.

I see a person who cares greatly
About the surrounding world.
The kindness is entwined to
Her being.
The love burns throughout
All that she is.

I can see she would do everything
It takes to make her loved ones happy.
Even if it withers away her soul,
She doesn't pay no mind.

I know she sits there each day
Not caring that
Her soul is slowly withering into dust.
Or that the remaining ashes
Of her withering soul
Are fading away into the wind.

Each day she lies there
Unable to sleep,
Afraid of what may become of her.
Faking a pretty smile to get by each day.
She holds on to her love and kindness
That still remains within
Her heart and soul.
Tags: Emo
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human says:
15 Apr, 2015 06:40 PM

i really like this poem!!!! GOOD JOB

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