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Name: dedus8
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About Me: i love the dark, its the oly time i feel at peace, trying to face anotherday, is the worst feeling in th world,i have life issues, pesrsonaliy dissorders, sp, eupd, bi polar 1/2, neaurotic deppresion, scyzoprehina, i have always wanted to kill people, its juts in me, i hate everything and every one, but kiling for real means jail time, and i cant have that, so need a better plan, i a male 44 from the uk, i fly birds o prey for a lvin they are also my passion, along with a fcination for serail killers, and anythng weird, i am a lifetime selfharmer, and prolific pill popper, anything to kep me feeling alive, but sedated, welcome to my word of confessional prose, or shit if you want to call it that dedus8
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briliant story, excellant write, loved it, raw, emotional, and perceptive. dedus8
i thought this film was excellant, had bits taken from the excorcist, and a few others , but they workd it well,excellant scary movie dedus8