daeth can you feel it


12 Feb, 2014 03:01 PM
Death Can You feel It

Do you feel it?
Festering inside you
Creeping through
Your inner organs
Like a leech
Feeding off
All of your insecurities
Making its way
Into the back
Of your throat
Making you choke

Foul stench
Like a rat	
Has crawled up your arse
And died
Do you feel it
Taste it
Try to spit it out
Like a slime ball
Coating your tongue
Staining your teeth
Making your eye’s bleed

When you are alone
Is it at home
With you
Disguised as failure
Cold shivers
Give you goose bumps
Has the spectre of gloom
Comes near
Smothering covering
All that you are
Spelling out the words

Death can you feel it
It opens you up
Like a can of worms
Revealing all the shit

Tags: Death
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Naamah says:
22 Feb, 2014 07:18 PM

distribution described death in 3 words Slimy, Fear, doom. But you also described it in poem I like the rhythm. I never read death poem like this. It

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