The Uglies

Harley Poe

Bye, my love, good-bye
I've been here too long
So I wrote you this song

Good-bye, my love, good-bye
May my soul rest in peace
May the voices all cease

They whisper in my ear
They tell me what to say
They keep to my side
All night and all day
I can't take it anymore
So I've gotta go away

Good night, my love, good night
I said good-bye to the sun
Now I'm takin' my gun

Good night, my love, good night
Gonna end all this pain
Before it makes me insane

They beg me to do
Such horrible things
They play with my mind
They make me ashamed
I'm afraid they're going to make me
Hurt you

I think I'll take away
All the torture in my mind
But now you must defray
For the cost of suicide

Bonjour, my love, bonjour
The last time you touched me
I was lyin' on the floor

Bonjour, my love, I'm near
It's my voice you hear
So you mustn't fear

You can't see me in your room
I'm here every night
I whisper in your ear
As I watch you sleep tight
I'm with you 'til the end
I'll show you what's wrong and what's right
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sahuj says:
13 Feb, 2018 06:14 PM

this is very nyc article..

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