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Winter Dawn by Tiamat

Tags: Tiamat, Gothic

Hallow's Eve by Type O Negative

Tags: Type O Negative, Gothic

A Kiss Goodnight by Ross Ariffin

Tags: Ross Ariffin, Gothic, Dark

a gothic love song by current 93

Tags: Current 93, Gothic

Scent of Winter by Macbeth

Tags: Macbeth, Metal, Gothic

The One I Once Was by Mortemia

Tags: Gothic, Metal, Mortemia

a gothic love by current 93

Tags: Current 93, Gothic

Come Little Children by Book Of Shadow

Tags: Book Of Shadow, Gothic

Born in a burial gown by Cradle of filth

Tags: Dark Thought, Burial, Grave, Creepy, Fear, Dark, Gothic

The Gothic Embrace by Draconian

Tags: Gothic, Lucifer, God, Emptiness, Dark World, Night

Bela Lugosi’s Dead by Bauhaus

Tags: Death, Dead, Tomb, Dark, Gothic, Bauhaus

All alone by Sins of thy beloved

Tags: Gothic, Alone, Soft, Sad, Female Voice, Sins Of Thy Beloved

Until the Dark by Sins of Thy Beloved

Tags: Soft, Violin, Female Voice, Gothic, Sins Of Thy Beloved

Within Me by Lacuna Coil

Tags: Gothic, Lacuna Coil

My Immortal by Evanescence

Tags: Gothic, Evanscence, Female Voice