The Man from My Dream

Kevin Blaine

24 Feb, 2013 06:35 AM

I awoke. I had one of the strangest dreams I can ever recall; it was not horror movie scary nor did it really make any sense. But it honestly frightened me due to me having no idea what was going on. It was just me sitting alone in a stray jacket in a padded white room; from what I can infer I was in a mental Institution. I had no idea why I was there; but all I was doing was trying to calm myself down and think of a reason why I was in there. But before I could completely calm myself down a 6 foot 4 man walked in to the room. He was wearing a fancy black suit; he had big bushy eyebrows with a big bald spot on the top of his head. He walked straight to me, kneeled down removing his sunglasses looking into my soul; he just smiled and said “Hello Destiny. We have plenty of time.”

I have been having that same dream for the past month and each time it has become increasingly more frightening due to two factors. They have happened every single night; but they are not even at night anymore. They have happened during the day at work, when I am eating, or even talking to my friends. Just over and over I see the image of the man just laughing and continuing to whisper in my ear “Hello Destiny, We have plenty have time.” Having this dream has kept me up at night where I do not want to sleep due to fear of not wanting to experience the dream. I have gotten so little amount of sleep I have the daydreams about it multiple times a day now. I have begun to be insane. The mind is a terrible thing to lose. Because without it you do not know what is real and imagination; I have seen that man so many times that every time I see him I either scream or just start to become hysterical. It has affected my work beyond anyone’s comparison; it some of the day dreams now have become more extensive and more terrifying. In the dreams now he just begins to look at me and asks me “You want to end all of this? Than take this.” That is when he hands me a knife. In a few dreams I refused and threw the knife down. That is when I wake up; but in the final dream I slit my wrists. That was when I woke up with a butcher’s knife in my hand; thank god that I did not actually cut my wrists. That is when I decided to finally open up to my best friend about this dream; she has just told me that I need to go to therapy. I hate the idea of therapy just due to that in the dream I am in a mental institution; me going to therapy makes me feel like that this dream is becoming true. I don’t want it to be true. I just don’t want it to be true. I want this dream to be over; I just want this entire experience to be done with and out of my life.

I had finally thought it through and decided to go to therapy; I had walked into the office of Dr. Leslie Baker. She just began with saying “So Destiny please tell me what you are here for.” I just let it all out; I told her every single little detail about what the man looked like, how it is happening when I sleep, I have begun to have daydreams about the same man over and over again. But I did not tell her the phrase that he always said; I do not know why but I just did not want to disclose that information. I went on for almost half an hour just balling from fear, exhaustion, and just anger that this experience was happening to me. Dr. Baker was just astonished from the complete detail I had about this man and the dream that I had just explained. She replied with “I have never been explained a dream in that specific of detail.” But that was not the freaky part to her; it was when I handed her my hand drawing of the man. She stared down and said “This is such amazing detail. I really believe that you need to come to me regularly to talk about this dream. Since you are having this dream so frequently and with so much detail; I will keep this picture and talk to my colleague Ben about this and you will come visit me next Tuesday at 5.” “Thank you for your time Leslie.”

The next week I visited her and she had some pretty stunning news. “Well Destiny if you can believe this I have 3 more patients that visit this office that have given the same exact story as you with the creepily same amount of detail.” I sat there just flustered not knowing what to say. Before I could reply she said “We showed the picture that you drew to all of the patients and they all just began to scream That’s him That’s him!!” That is when I just began to sob because at that moment I didn’t feel so alone and scared because I knew there were other people who shared my pain with me. I wiped away my tears and just choked out the question “Do you have their names in that folder?” She immediately pulled back the folder in her hands and said “I am sorry Destiny but I cannot disclose that information to a patient. But I will be right back I need to go talk to Ben.” But before she left for some reason she put the folder on the table. I had no idea why she did that but before I could even finish the thought I was having I grabbed the folder and ran out of the office.

Right when I arrived home I started to looking through all the papers in the folder just frantically searching for the 3 people that have had the same dream as me. It took me only about 5 minutes but I had found the three names of the people and all of their contact information. I called all of them telling them to meet me at my house at 9 PM; they all happily agreed.

That night they all showed up surprisingly early because they were all that anxious to discuss this with someone who has experienced this first hand. The first one to talk was David Pierce he just began to talk giving the same details exact; but that’s when I interrupted him saying “Honestly everything you said is the exact same thing that has happened to me. But did he say anything to you in the dream?” That’s when he replied “Yes as a matter of fact. He said your time will come when the moon is new.” I said out loud “Wait it is a new moon tonight!” Everybody just began to freak out yelling “What are we going to do?!”I just tried to calm every down and say “We need to hear everybody else before we can understand this.”. That’s when the first girl Lacey Lowrance chimed in saying “Well in mine the man said nothing will be the same.” The room became silent and it felt like time had literally stopped. We all had just looked at each other and then looked at the fourth and final person in the group. Her name was Elizabeth Pepper; I asked her “So what did he say to you?” She just sat there and began to cry; we just asked “Wait what’s wrong? You know you can share this with us because we know your pain.” She just began to take some deep breaths and said “He said…. Well he said it will all end from where it started.” The room for a second night became silent. We just looked at each other until I broke the silence saying “Wait. Where did this all begin?” We were just confused. We had no idea what the man meant by that. That’s when Lacey just yelled out “WAIT! In all of our dreams we were all in a mental institution. Does he mean the hospital where we’ve been visiting Dr. Baker?” Before we could even all reply in agreement all of the lights went out.

We were all paralyzed with fear; sweat was pouring down my face. I could barely hold in my fear when all of a sudden a huge bang came from on top of the roof. We just sat still in terror. But that is when David yelled “There’s someone in the yard!” We all leapt to our feet and ran into the yard. When we ran out of the house there was no one in the yard; we were just frazzled and had no idea what to do. But when we turned around and walked back towards the house we were horrified with what we saw. In huge red writing on my front door it said “You are correct.. But your time is running up.”

We were all terrified; but we knew what we had to do. I just blurted out “If we want this torment and torture to stop we have to go to the hospital. Every person feared the idea but knew it was necessary if they wanted this to stop. So we all jumped in my car and sped to the hospital. When we finally arrived we walked straight up to the green double doors, we stood there for a while just to get our courage up. We all just stared at each other, nodded, and went inside. It was pitch black, we were using flashlights that we brought from my house but they barely did any good. We were just walking around aimlessly with the flashlights until we found a hallway with flickering lights. We began to walk down the hallway until we saw something. It took all of us a while to see it completely; but all we could see was a huge figure at the end of the hallway. That’s when the figure opened its eyes, they were bright fire red. It was like looking in the eyes of the devil; we did not want to stay there and find out. We just began to run and not look back to find out if that was really him.

We were tired, frightened, and had no idea where we were in the hospital. But then everything got cold; not just a little chill but I felt like we were in the presence of death itself. Then we heard “It’s time.” We all screamed in just true panic and scattered in all different directions. I had gotten away safely and found a corner just to sit and sob in pure terror; I had no idea if that was the man or not but I did not want to stick around to find out. All I could hear was the screams of agony; they were just being tortured and from what I could infer massacred. I heard footsteps coming straight towards me; that moment was true fear from not knowing what was coming towards me. That’s when I heard “Destiny? Where are you?” It was Lacey;

I jumped in relief to see her. But it was the most disgusting thing I had ever seen, she was drenched in blood. I tearfully asked “What.. What happened?” She just broke down and fell to the floor sobbing saying “They are dead, they are all dead. It was merciless; he tore them apart like they were wet toilet paper!” I asked “Who??” She just looked at into my eyes, like she was staring into my soul “Him.” That’s when I finally got up the courage to get up and start to try to leave this place with our lives.

I began to walk with Lacey behind me; we were walking for about 10 minutes down the same hallway. That is when we found the big green double doors that we had come in through. We just began to cry because we were so happy thinking that was over, so we bolted through the double doors expecting to feel the sweet crisp when of the night. But to our horror we could not have been more wrong, when we ran through the doors we had just run into another room. I had no idea what to say, do, or how to even react to what had just happened. I fell to the floor not knowing what was going on. I just found the strength to mutter “But… But we came in through those doors. This doesn’t make any sense!?!? We came in through those doors!!” That’s when Lacey tackled me saying “Shhh! Do you want him to hear us? We just need to calm down and try to find a way out this.” Even though I was still just out of it from not knowing why that happened when those were the doors we had come in through, but I knew she was right. We began walking again; it was another continuous hallway we were walking through. We had been walking for about an hour, we had not said anything for a while so I asked “Lacey how are you doing?” No answer, I stopped and started crazily looking around. I began to yell “Lacey!! Where are you?!! Lacey!” I didn’t know what to do, I felt like just giving up. I couldn’t, I knew I had to continue on for survival and hopefully to find Lacey.

I had begun to walk again for what felt like around half an hour, I could barely hold myself together to continue walking. That is when I stepped in something very wet; I looked down to find blood covering every single inch of the floor. I began to scope the blood and found the 3 bloody corpses of David, Lacey, and Elizabeth. I just fell to my knees in pure fear and distress; I didn’t know what to do and I just wanted to give up. I just wanted to taste the sweet relief of death and give up on this whole ordeal. I laid my head down in the pool of blood giving up on life hoping that I would not ever wake up again. That’s when I heard “Times up.”

I awoke. I was in a stray jacket in the white padded room I had dreamed of. But right In front of me was Dr. Leslie. I asked “Why am I here?! I’m not insane!!” She just looked at me in pity saying “No dear, you are. If you were not truly insane than why did we find you at the hospital two days ago in a pool of your own blood?” I just began to yell “Where is everybody else!? What happened to the man!?” “Destiny. They never existed. They were all figments of your imagination. You had truly begun to become crazy from the dreams you were having about this nonexistent man that you made up this whole ordeal. We found you with your wrist’s slit in an attempted suicide by yourself to stop these dreams.” That is when I realized that I actually might be insane. Because I remember these things so vividly and so much detail that I truly must be insane.. I said “But this doesn’t make any sense? Why is this happening?” She replied “We do not know yet. That is why you are here Destiny.” I paused for a little while and asked “Will I ever become better?” To which she replied “Don’t worry. We have plenty of time.” Which she said with a smirk while she left the room; that’s when I realized “Wait a minute, I never told you what he said!! I had never told you!” I began to just yell into the dark abyss where my life was falling; I began to hysterically sob questioning God and having no idea why this was happening. Not understanding what I had done to deserve this living hell that was happening to me. Due to my pure exhaustion I could only bare to yell for only a minute. So I just sat there.. Alone. No one in my life to come and help me; just alone realizing that I will never leave. That I will spend the rest of my life in this pure agonizing hell without relief; through my tears I was able to choke out the words “Why? Why?” It was dead silence in the room; I thought it would stay like that forever; until the silence was broken. “Hello Destiny.”

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Bony Yousuf says:
27 Feb, 2013 01:41 PM

I really loved the story. :)

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Harry says:
28 Mar, 2013 06:15 PM

WowW I really loved your story too! It was unpredictable and well written. I love every part of it :)

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chianne says:
01 Apr, 2013 11:58 PM

this story was so good! it actually scared me!!

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anne says:
27 Apr, 2013 09:08 PM

woah, i wish i could write like this, AWESOME! truly scared me,i wanted to keep on reading forever as well as wanting it to stop. :)

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destiny says:
15 May, 2013 04:53 PM

my name is Destiny...

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Tash says:
22 May, 2013 12:04 AM

It was great and kind of creepy. I know a guy called Leslie and I know people who have the last names baker and pierce. I didn't really get the ending though...

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Brooke says:
03 Jun, 2013 02:24 AM

Amazingly written!! Loved every minute of it!

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Beautiful Jennifer says:
19 Jun, 2013 03:20 AM

That was creepy,& very strange but really well written
(Bravo)haha! (:

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Nina says:
12 Aug, 2014 11:56 AM

CREEPY!!! I absolutely LOVE it!!!!

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XxMetztlixX says:
01 Oct, 2014 07:34 PM

Amazing story especially if you have someone you want to scare just change the names and then scare the crap out of your friends gonna attempt this then to tell them this story

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Deepu says:
07 Nov, 2014 12:53 PM

Wow it was truly amazing and i hope i sleep well :-)

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