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22 Mar, 2015 12:19 PM

Alice was panting frantically. Her right leg was bleeding and something was dug deep in her shoulder, she started realizing that as she moved, she went no where. Then she saw that her left hand was caught inside a net. She wildly pulled her hand free and slowly stood up, clutching her right leg.
"Zane.....Zane! Zane! Answer me!Where are you! Zane, Please! ZANE!"
She moved away from the crash and sat on the dry, cold grass. Still shocked burying her hands in her face, sobbing.
"don't leave me"

It was the year 0. After the destruction of the world when the virus broke out. It practically made everyone turn into a Dracula combined with zombies. Well, whatever they were, they are now called 'the viculas'. The people who are still living in this world have lived long enough to know their weaknesses. They have missing bones in their neck to when you pierce right through it, they will die immediately. They cannot be in the sun, or else they will burn, they only move by sound. They will walk toward the noise. They basically cant do anything but hear and tear the people into shreds. There are some who bite to infect and some that bite to eat. Now there are only ones which bite to eat because of the loss of food, us humans.

Alice took a deep breath. She thought that wining now would only attract the viculas. She spoke to herself in a whisper.
"Quit it now Alice, whining will get you nowhere. You are the strongest soldier in the army, 24 years old, Alice, stand up"
Whenever Alice was hopeless she will remind herself of what her friends would say to her when she is hopeless. She stood up, feeling no more pain on her right leg and cold from the night breeze slamming on her face. She was barely wearing anything,just a short jean and a black tank top. She looked to see if her gun pocket was still wrapped around her legs, just above her knees, She looked at the left leg. Safe, there were still bullets for her to recharge the gun which should be on the right leg. She looked over

The gun that was meant to be on her right leg was gone. She searched frantically for the gun in the high grass. Then she found it. She was smiling, almost laughing
"no one survives without a gun"
Alice stood up again and straightened her back. The army truck was totally broken. She could not use it anymore. Everyone in the army was dead. Leaving only two survivors, Alice and Zane. They were both traveling through Texas, when something hard slammed the truck and there they were flying off the road. While the truck was flying in mid-air, Alice saw that Zane had left the truck already, fleeing and then everything went out.

First move, Alice had to get out of here. The crash surely must have attracted a lot of Viculas. She ran on the road. Who knows how many miles she would have to run, but she kept going, running like one of the Viculas, eyes never leaving the dark road. That is what Alice was best known for, the bravest, fastest runner. She was always needed in the Army.

She was running, still running, who knows how many hours more to go. Until she saw it. A Viculas was standing in the middle of the road facing directly at her, probably ready to charge. But Alice got lucky. The morning sun was already rising. She stared at it for a moment, It was a him, she pulled out her gun and stopped. It was Zane. He had become one of the Viculas. She could pull the trigger, it ran, faster so close it lunged for her neck. Alice dropped the gun. Zane was sucking out her blood.
"Zane....please stop"

Zane looked at her with Viculas eyes. As she started getting dizzy because of the loss of blood, he heard him say, not so clearly like an old mans voice.
-You did this Alice....... because you were living, you did this-
She fell to her knees, seeing him melt away in the sunlight. He looked like he was wearing a scary smile on his face.
-die, Alice, die-
she heard not only him say it but almost everyone's voices. She was chocking in her blood and drowning in her tears.

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