The Countdown


28 Sep, 2015 04:06 AM

60..59..58..57..56..It's pointless. Why should all these people live? These teenagers. Of course, I'm one too, yet I feel as though I'm much more than them. Their lives mean nothing. All they do is have sex, do drugs, drink, bully. What use are they? What use am I? It's time for someone to do something about these awful people.To get rid of them. There are others like me. Others who think they should all die. They're nothing. They should all burn in hell for their sins. If we come together, we can rid the world of them all. Everyone will see what good we've done. They'll thank us. We'll be remembered.

40..39..38..37..36..It's so exciting. Here we all are, in the gym together. And once again, our school team is losing. 8 to 0. All they do is dribble the ball and shoot. So pointless. What good will that do in this world? The cheer leaders are happy. Everyone here in the stands are happy. The teachers, the parents, the siblings, the friends...the families here tonight. It's just a normal night to them. Here to cheer on the team. Whatever, it will all be over soon.

20..19..18..17..16..It's my turn to stand up for this world. We're no good. None of us are. Inherently evil. Even the brightest angel fell down to hell, and became the devil. As will we all, tonight. I can't stop myself from giggling...this is just so perfect! This is the day things will change. The day everyone will look back upon and dare not commit to evil. My palms are shaking. My teeth show as a wide grin spreads across my face. I can't contain myself. My eyes are widening from anticipation! Isn't it wonderful!? Tonight is the night this school is cleansed of all sin.

10..9..8..I get up from the stands and walk down to the middle of the court, faces staring, as i make my way down. The game comes to a halt as they yell for me to move aside. 7..6..5..I lift my arms and lean my head back in satisfaction. I smile as I gaze up at the ceiling. I hear panic as the bomb on my chest is revealed, I giggle and take it all in. 4..This is it. It's finally time.3..The screams make my heart pound with joy..2.."I'll see you all in hell!" I yell as the bomb gets to the last number..1

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Mady says:
20 Oct, 2015 04:31 PM

This is fucking stupid

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Deadly Nightshade says:
28 Dec, 2015 08:41 PM

Can I read this for my YT channel? I really enjoyed it as I read it I got so into it and it would be wonderful if I could share this. If that isn't okay I understand, but I hope you consider.

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Darkest Shadow says:
05 Feb, 2016 07:55 AM

I like this

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darksoul says:
12 Apr, 2016 07:19 PM

Love the story.

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Death says:
10 Jun, 2016 02:59 PM

I love this!! It's so good!!! You should do another like this. I got into it as soon as you started counting down. I'm wondering if I could copy this onto one of my other accounts? I'll give you full credit and everything. Please? It's SO good.

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Logan says:
25 Jan, 2017 12:02 AM

Death huh wish there was girls like u where I live

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Death says:
25 Jan, 2017 12:27 PM

Where do you live? I could be near.

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im the dead one says:
18 Feb, 2017 11:37 PM

i think it was good but the couNtdown thing was not good

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