Ophelia- someone like you

Raven Black

02 Jan, 2016 01:52 PM

See the mirror and it'll reflect the truth of who you are. It's not your reflection of you, but a glimpse of dark reality that exists on the other
side; reflection is the truth and you are not.

Dark Ink greyish black clouds engulf the whole light out of the sky. Drizzle wets the grass and rough stones that stand erect at the headside of graves. Figures in black clothes mourn in the miasma of rain. A cackle of thunder followed by the flashing light on the horizon silences the dead souls; highlighting the face among many who never sheds a tear over the loss of her sister.

She is standing starring at her reflection in dimmed glowing light of fire in hearth. But despite the burning fire, the room is still cold as if someone's chilly sighs freezes it to death. She isn't starring at herself but it is her, she can recognize that smile; crooked one, anywhere in the world. And she presses her lips against the reflection to soothe her tasting her presence.

"What were you doing in the lower district"?
"What are you talking about"? She looks at him, a bit startled.
"I saw you there". She raises her brow skeptically
"It wasn't me. Could've mistaken someone as me".
"It was you". He presses becoming frustrated
"I was at home, in my bed."
"I even talked to you but you didn't even recognize me. Starring me as if I's a stranger".
"You're drunk". She snorts and pushes him aside.

It's been raining heavily making it hard to see anything. A figure is sitting on a bench, shivering being drenched in rain, hugging jersey closer to her body. A boy with umbrella comes to stand near her trying to get a glimpse of her face through the locks covering her face. "Hey are you okay? You shouldn't be out in such weather". She barely raises her head peeking through the wet locks. Mouth opens panting, fingers twitching, bent inwards scratching her inner thigh. "Are you okay"? He places a hand on her shoulder in concern. She closes her eyes humming. She tugs him to level herself at his ear whispering: " Mmm M more than okay".

She unlocks the door, soaked wet dripping the floor with water. "How's party"? Her mother inquires taking in her drenched form. "It's good" she sneezes before walking upto the stairs. "James is murdered". She stops before turning back in shock. What?! "They found his body in the park. They say they've never seen anything like this before..." Her mother stops when she sees her daughter slumped down on the step of stairs, clenching railing. "Back there he's...everyone was... I can't beli...he no...I-How could someone..." She stammers when she doesn't process it all.

She walks into her room in her robe after taking bath. Her breath hitches when she sees everything scattered on the floor. It isn't her clothes and things. It used to be her possession now dead. She gathers up her clothing and throws 'em in the attic. Why were they even in room? She doesn't remember bringing them there or rather she doesn't remember at all. Does she?

She has a hard time sleeping in her room having nightmares recently. Her mother hangs dreamcatcher, woven with sharp black threads with white beads fixed on them, over her bed so that she can sleep in peace. And she's been drifting into sleep, lulling her conscious unconsciously.

She's wearing a red halter knee length dress with low neckline showing off her cleavage. Her lips touching the cool red liquid in flute. "I heard about your sister". A familiar voice startles her. It's her sister's ex boyfriend who had been in Australia since last month. "I'm sorry". "She's gone and I still can't believe it". She stares at her reflection in the wine of glass. She lifts the glass to her mouth and flicks the burning cool liquid with her tongue."Amber had had this quirk". He smiles and she smirks at him. "Well old habbits die hard".

He falls on his bed with a thud and she hovers above him with sultry look in her eyes. She kisses him hungrily, biting his lips peeling away the skin. What... But she silences him sucking at the hollow of his throat. "Shuhh! I missed you". Her husky velvety voice makes his body go numb. She drags her teeth along the length of his neck kissing his bobbing adam apple, moaning "I love you right".

He is found dead in guest room. "He's strangled with a sharp black thread around his neck". Officer fills in the Chief. "Found anything at scene"? "No, nothing but silken white beads and a circular frame what appears to be a torn dreamcatcher".

She slides into her bed after taking a shower. She sighs in contentment, side of her lips quirking up in her patent crooked smirk as she closes her eyes in pure bliss.

She pays a visit to her sister grave placing bouquet of flower on it. Hi! She says. "You know I met Daniel last night. Well h-he's murdered. He's sorry when heard 'bout you. Guess he still loved you. You two were great together" . She bites her lower lip "I've been having time lapse". She hesitates before confessing. "I don't remember where was I when he's murdered. I had to make up my alibi.I don't remember what I'm doing most of the time. It's like a specific time for me doesn't exist".
You bet. A person with double personality doesn't remember at all what he does in his alter ego.
Stella doesn't remember what Amber in her can do.

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