Isobell Jankans


09 Jun, 2016 11:59 AM

Isobell Jankans is a beautiful young woman. Dyed black hair, silver eyes, pale skin, black finger nails, full lips. She feels no pain. Ever.
Isobell was sitting at her table with her go things when the most "popular" prissy princess stopped behind her.
"You always know when she's on her period, Belle," she says.
"How Clem?"
She's crabber than usual, Belle." They laughed and started to walk away slowly.

"Who are you talking about, Clem?"
"Why, Isobell Jankans of course!"

Now you see, Isobell got to mad, she made a master plan in her head, that she was going to carry out on her own, but 2 of her little gothlings,Raven and Zander, wanted to help. So she told them the plan.

5 hours and 33 seconds later, they had Clem and Belle tied down in metal chairs in Isobell's soundproof basement.
"You hag!" Clem yelled. "Let us go! HELP! HHEELLPP!"

"Scream all you want, Orange. Nobody can hear you. Why are you named after an orange? Clementine. A little juicy orange."
"They named me Clementine because they thought I looked juicy. It's so embarrassing."

Isobell picked up a large curved knife and cut deeply on both of their arms. Blood spotted out and they yelled in pain. "I just cut your artery in your arms. You only have about 4 or 5 minutes to live. You know," Isobell Jankans walked around her pray. "I wonder how it feels to feel pain. Will you tell me?"

"Agony," Belle moaned. "Makes me want to pass out."

While Belle was talking, Isobell nodded at Zander and Raven to start their part. They came out and started to punch, kick, slap the girls. Clementine and Belle yelled and screamed in pain as they slowly died.

"Stop," Isobell said. "My turn."
She stepped up to them and said, "this isn't me on my period. This is me being nice." Then they died from bleeding to death.
"And that," Zander said, "is why we do what we do."

The next day, people wouldn't stop talking about the murder of Clementine Hall and Belle Meade. Nobody know who did it or why because "they were the best girls on the planet" or "everybody liked them because they were so nice."

Everybody came up to Isobell, Zander, and Raven to ask them what it was like to find the bodies at the park.
"It was so scary," Raven said while tearing up. " We didn't know what to do! Who would do such a thing?!"
Nobody knew their little secret, and that little secret felt good.
Really good.
Good enough to do it again.

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Nika Naroditski says:
08 Sep, 2017 12:14 PM

Amazing story! Scary, brutal and realistic. I loved how you finished it. Keep on!????

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