Sparks Fly

Xyla Baites

31 Jul, 2013 12:33 AM

Electric. That was the only word for it. The only word to describe the intensity of his screams, the strength of his jolts. The only word to capture the feel of the moment, the heat and the haze, as Derrick leaned closer and pushed the lever again, ratcheting the dose a little higher.

The electricity shot through Luke, there, tied down on the experimenting table. His piercing grey eyes pleaded with Derrick to let him go, but Derrick just grinned deviously and pushed Luke to the edge again. Screams echoed around the laboratory.

"Please,," Luke begged tiredly, his eyes half-closed. "Never," Derrick growled as he electrified the poor boy's body again. The shouts died down as Luke grew more and more exhausted. Two jolts later, and he passed out on the cold metal table.
Derrick grunted in frustration, but left the blond as he was, breathing gently. He'd have to find his own fill tonight. Luke dropped off too early. Maybe tomorrow. So Derrick hooked up a machine and clamped an alligator clip to his hip. He set a low charge for himself before pressing the button down and feeling the waves of voltage slam through him. Moaning, he closed his eyes, glad that he at least got some satisfaction from his machines. Even if it wasn't what he had planned. He drifted off in a nearby chair after powering off all the machines.

In the morning, he removed Luke's straps, made breakfast, and set Luke's on the table after eating his own. When the boy on the table stirred, he was shocked to find no restraints. Maybe he could escape.

"Eat," Derrick ordered, standing behind a chair. Luke hesitantly lowered himself into that chair and began munching his cereal, still nervous about having his torturer so close to him. Luke finished, and stayed stock still as Derrick brushed his fingertips along his jaw. "What are you doing?" Luke asked shakily. "What I do best," Derrick said lowly, suddenly bending his fingers and scratching his nails along the length of Luke's jawline. Hard enough to draw blood. Luke flinched, but Derrick grabbed him and chained him to the table again, hooking up the wires and clips to him.

But this time, Derrick attached the clips to different places. One on each of Luke's hips, another two on his nipples, and one on the foreskin of his member. Luke gulped. This was going to hurt. But he didn't know how much. Tears raced down his face as Derrick manipulated the lever. Screams of agony tumbled from his mouth. More tears fell. The salty droplets ran into the cuts on his jaw, causing them to burn with a hot, searing sting.

All the while, Derrick smiled evilly and chuckled with sadistic delight.

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GIRL says:
03 Aug, 2013 09:49 PM

woah, that was creepy

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