A new beginning


04 Apr, 2013 03:28 PM

Breathing heavily, my eyes begin to burn. I start to freeze from my toes to the top of my head. Inside feels cold and broken as if I was dead. I get the eager to have a taste of blood. The thought rolls in my mind for a few minutes. Hunger builds up inside, before I get the chance to move I fall to the ground. My eye site is gone.

I open my eyes and see nothing but darkness around me. I get up slowly, for my body is very weak. I start to smell something that makes me want to go after it. So I run towards the smell like I was hunting for food. I reach where the smell was coming from, my eyes become wide. My fane’s grow, and I bit down on the animal that I had been after. The taste of blood flows through my body. Soon as I am full, I get a boost of energy as if I had been reborn.

I wipe the blood off my face. My eyes go back to normal and my fane’s go back to their normal size. I look down on the ground at the animal. It was tore into pieces. My eyes begin to water as if I was crying. I think to myself ‘what have I done, who am I, or what have I become?’ those questions roll in my mind for a few minutes.

When my eyes dry, and my body calms down. I run home, and hop into the shower. I wash the blood off my skin. I look down and watch the dark blood drain down. I sit down and cry while the water is still running. I picture the animal that I had killed, and it keeps repeating in my mind over and over.

I get out of the shower, and walk into my room. I enter and I hear a strange sound, like someone was crying. I look around to see who was in the room and no one was there but me. I walk towards my bed and lay down. I clear my mind of all things, close my eyes and begin to sleep.
Wind blowing high, freezing ageist my face. My eyes become red as blood. Tears roll down my face, words that I couldn’t speak roll in my mind. I can hear nothing but a bird call. I seem to be in some kind of forest maybe a part, I wasn’t sure. It was to dark to even tell.

“Help me!” someone had called out. I follow the voice that I had heard. I reach to person that had yelled. It was a little girl. “How may I help you?” I speak with kind words. The little girl looked scared as if I was going to hurt her. “I’m cold…can you hold me to make me warm?” she said. So I bend down to hold her. I felt a tension in my neck, and my body became weak.

“I’m sorry,” those were the last words I had heard from her. When I opened my eyes I see that sun was coming up. I rush to my feet and stated to run towards a shed that I had seen nearby.

When I enter the shed, I had notice there was a huge window. Before I got a chance to find another place, it was too late. The sun was up and I was beginning to burn alive.
I woke up in sweat, my heart was racing, and I was breathing heavily. I think to myself it was only a dream.

Tags: Vampire, Death, Blood
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