Dark Ways


13 Sep, 2013 04:42 PM

Chapter 1
In the corner curled into a ball. I cry alone and alone only, no one there but myself. I look up and all I see is the color black. I look up into this darkness. This scary, cold, thick, condensed air. All around me is darkness. Scared and alone, I wonder why I'm here and that I want out of here but yet I feel.....at home in the dark. Maybe there is more to my dark side then I realized. I put my head back down into my arms and knees. I sit on the floor as quietly as possible. I listen to the sounds that I hear. I close my eyes and focus hard on what I want to hear. I sit and I wait and wait and wait. I start drifting off into a sleep. And my head hits the floor as I have fallen from my sitting position.

My head hits the floor and I sit back up wondering what happened. I got up and was headed to bed when I felt this weird chill all over my body. My brain stopped working, my heart stopped beating, I stopped breathing, my body stopped moving. I stood there feeling lifeless as if someone had taken my soul from me and left me there as a dead body. To my surprise I'm still standing. I try to move and it works. I take my first step and I fall to the ground.. I get back up and I take another step and I fall to the ground. I get up one more time and I take my third step and I stay standing..... at that moment I knew there was something wrong.

Just as I was starting to get curious, I hear this load crash out side my door. I slowly walk to the door. Still not breathing, not a single heart beat, just me lifeless. So I grab my door handle and I pull it down and slowly, opening my door. And what my eyes come too see is nothing but more darkness. I slowly walk out into that dark and cold hallway. Slowly I start walking. Once more I hear another load crash, but this time it came from outside my house. I run down the hallway to see what was going on. I look both ways of the house to make sure everything is okay, to my surprise it was.

I turn and walk towards the front door not knowing what awaited me on the other side. I grab the door handle and slowly open the door. I look outside and don't see anything. So I take a step outside, to where my feet hit the cold pavement. I take a few more step so I can look around the corner of the brick wall. Looking out into the distance I see this black, very faint figure standing far away from where I'm standing, but just enough to see it.

Like most young teenagers and there curiosity, I decided to walk closer to the figure and it got bigger and clearer the closer I got. I finally got close enough to see it. I was 10 feet away. I stared at it, staring back at me. I wanted to look away but the way he looked just made me freeze in place. I couldn’t escape. I tried to move but I couldn't, I look down at my feet and see nothing holding me down. As I lift my head up, something touches my shoulder. Slowly I turn my head and see its hand on my shoulder. In fear, I start shaking.

I felt a scream coming but when I opened my mouth, nothing came out. I was too scared to even scream. I took a deep breath in and out to calm myself down a bit. I tried to take a step back and I fell to the ground. Shocked as I was, I stood up and ran back inside the house. I shut the door behind me and I locked it.
To be continued...

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Demorgorgon says:
04 Nov, 2016 03:07 PM

I love this story. Please continue the story

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Kitty says:
04 Mar, 2017 05:19 AM

Plz continue it. PlZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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