The Evil One

Marco B. S.

27 Dec, 2012 10:26 AM

As we sit here, I start to see things another way than I did before. I hope that telling you this will at least bring me some kind of peace inside. What I feel right now is only remorse and anger and it is disturbing to me. Do you understand what I mean? It really hurts inside of me, but I know that I need to get it out at some point - To start feeling whole again. I don’t want to be a prisoner in my own life again.

When I am thinking back at my life, there are a few things that scare me a lot. One of them was how I felt seeing the horror my brother was going through at a young age. He is not much younger than me and we are a lot alike in nature. All the harmony changed a lot in the last 2 years we have spent together.

When brother got really sick, none of us knew anything about it until it was too late. Don’t get me wrong here. I can see that you think that he was psychically ill or something like that, but that isn't the case.

It’s hard, but let me try to explain. It all started several years ago. He was such an adorable little one as he grew up. As I sit here, I wonder why it happened to him. He was only 16 and so full of life. He got his first girlfriend and they was so happy together, such a happy couple if you can say that. I was so happy for him.

I really liked her at first; I guess we all did at some point. As time went by, I noticed something with her that I didn't like. I started to get suspicious and after some time; I sensed some kind of evil from her. Every time they had been together, I had the feeling that my brother was turning colder and you know what? As a sister that hurts a lot.

What happened next was that I started to see other signs; another light in my brother’s eyes. The looks became a lot colder and less full of life and it really scared me. He had never been like that before; that was the point where I knew that their relationship was toxic, even though the rest of my family noticed nothing. How do you react to that as a sister? I couldn't just sit down and do nothing, right?

Before I go on, let me tell you that I really love my brother a lot. So what did I do next? I went to her house one day. I remember the walk there so clearly even though it’s so long ago now. I knew my brother was at home that night. I figured that this could be my only chance to talk to her alone.

What I saw can’t even be explained; you needed to have been there yourself to understand. It was a lot worse than what I had ever imagined. As I sit here and think about it again I can’t believe how I had the courage to react how I did.

I went to the door and rang the doorbell. The time I waited there felt like forever. I could see light in there, it wasn't much but there was light so I just stood there and waited. After some time, the door was slammed opened and I looked inside the house. You could just feel the evil. Real evil! And as I looked into the eyes of evil that night in August, I could understand the look that I was beginning to see in my brother’s eyes.

I will never forget that night. What I saw made me stun for a minute, I was absolutely shocked about what I saw. I didn't see that evil girl my brother was dating nor did I see what I expected to see.

So what did I expect to see? At least not that look I saw on her face. I guess that she looked as shocked as I did. She said that I shouldn't have come there. I felt stunned and looked at her for some time. Then I heard a tiny scream from upstairs the house. She looked nervous at me and tried to shut the door. I got my foot in between and tried to make my way inside the house. Even though I was really scared that’s what I did. I can’t believe where I got all that strength from.

I’m not insane, believe me on this one. I just knew in my heart that this was something I had to do. I was a lot stronger than her so it was easy to open the door and make my way into the house. As the screams got louder and more hysterical, I started to panic a little. It was hard to stay calm but I tried to be strong for my brother.

Slowly did I make my way to the stairs and as I stood there, I started to think about what I was about to see. Evil pictures were running through my head. I stood at the first step for about a minute and then moved slowly up the stairs. My skin was creeping as I came closer to the door. I looked over my shoulder, noticed that no one was there and then walked closer to where the screams were coming from.

I was only 2-3 meters from the door now and I just stood there and looked like a horrified little girl. Should I have called the police? A thousand thoughts were flying around inside my head as I was about to take the final steps in there.

Again, I felt that someone was watching me, but I figured that it was just imagination. As I pushed the door a little open, the screams stopped for a minute. I held my breath, listened and waited for the screams to start again. I could hear another voice now. The voice that I heard was way more evil than those you hear in a horror movie. This was pure evil, but what the voice was saying was even worse. I haven’t heard any more cruel things in my life and it almost freaks me out just to tell you this. I was anxious at that point.

I wanted to run away so badly, but I had something that told me to stay there. I looked around the house again and I noticed something that I hadn't done before. At first I noticed another evil voice whisper from the walls, but as I listened, it felt like the voice was really coming from me. I was shocked, was I going insane? The evil was eating me up inside. I remembered an old horror movie that my brother and I used to see one of the times we were at the house by ourselves. This was a hundred times worse and serious, I was scared to death!

I tried to build up enough strength to push the door opened and witness what was going on in there, but it wasn't that easy as it may sound.

Finally I had built up my strength and I took the final step and pushed the door open. As I walked through that door, I felt secure for a seconds, but that was about to change. Looking back at it now I know I was stupid. I was there alone and I was very vulnerable.

What I saw when I went through that door will haunt me forever. I thought that it couldn't be any worse than the pictures of evil I thought about it while I was standing at the other side of the door, but it was so much worse.

The first thing I saw was a woman lying on the floor. Her face was nothing but white, and it seemed like she had been through so much pain. I had the feeling that her soul was about to leave her body there forever. To me, it seemed like her skin was cracking. She was a shadow of herself. She really looked like nothing but a ghost, but at the same time she looked kind of familiar.

I was just standing there looking at her until I felt that something was moving behind my back. I turned around as fast as I could, but no one was there. Then I felt it again, there was evil all among me. I tried to resist it, but my heart grew cold as I heard something moved behind me and the door behind me was slammed opened.

I wanted to scream even before I turned around, but I couldn't. It felt like a big, strong and dead hand was keeping me silent. I finally turned around and saw a man. He was tall and wrapped in shadows. Most of his face was covered by a black hood. He looked like he just came up from hell and he was walking closer and closer to me.

I could see he was coming from me, so I tried to react quickly. I knew in my heart that no one was coming to save me. I ran across the room and tried to open the door, but it was closed. The man laughed and talked to me in a strange language. I knew that he was the one I heard all the time I was listening behind the door, but this time it sounded so incredibly evil.

I was frozen as he walked closer again, and I closed my eyes for a second. As I was holding my breath, I heard the door slam open again. I couldn't hold my eyes closed anymore, so I opened them a little. It was her, my brother’s girlfriend. She was looking really bad and bleeding. She looked really insecure and scared as she stood there. I hoped that she was coming here to save me, but I wasn't sure at the time.
The man turned to her. He whispered something to her, laughed and then knocked her to the floor. The woman on the floor made a little crying sound as she saw the girl fall to the floor.

The incredibly evil man walked to me and looked straight in my eyes. I was just frozen as he spoke to me. He said with a tiny but straight voice: “What have you seen?” and I answered full of fear that I hadn't seen anything.

“Well, it’s a shame to die for nothing, isn't it?”, He said.

Those words slammed me like an iron fist. I was doomed and I knew it so I passed out just seconds after that.
What happened next is something we can only guess about. All I know was that I was strangled in the basement when I woke up. It was cold and dark and I thought I was alone. I tried to stand up, but I could do nothing. I thought about my life and all the things I was going to miss. I wanted to see the sun rise just once more. I cried so hard.

The light went on for a second and then off again. This happened a few times. I was sure that my heart was going to stop. Every time the light went on, I saw that terrible evil man and he was moving closer to me! He was holding a knife in his ghastly hand. I closed my eyes and waited. It felt like hours had passed and I held my eyes tightly closed. I felt the sharp blade moving across my cheekbones. I felt the blood starting to run off my face and then I heard a shot. Only seconds after that, I heard another scream. I opened my eyes and saw blood everywhere. I knew, right in that moment that I may have survived.

“What do you mean? How? What happened?” said the therapist. “Someone was already in the basement watching us. The person was waiting for the right moment to strike. All that time, I was sure that she was only an evil person, but she was the only one who saved me. I owe her my life for doing that.”

“Who was it?”, the therapist asked me again. “It was her, my brother’s girlfriend, that precious little one. It was so strange because I was sure that she was the evil one here. What I know now, is that I was. I was the evil one. I feel so much remorse about it. I am thankful for what she did”.

“What do you mean?”, the therapist asked. He was getting nervous I could see.“The man she killed was her own father. He was an evil man, very abusive to her and her mother, but they were the only ones she ever had. You know that woman who was lying like a ghost on the floor? It was her mother. So now the girl was there alone, without a mom and a dad.

She was alone in a world that she grew up to fear. She couldn't face building a live up, so she hang herself after I left. I feel so angry that I left her there, but she convinced me that it was okay and that she just needed a few hours there alone.”

The therapist seemed to be stricken by my story now and asked me: “Oh my lord. I can’t believe it. How did you know she was dead?”

“Do you know who found her? My brother did. My beautiful, innocent little brother found his love hanging in her house. What could be any worse than this? His first love turned out this way. My brother was never the same after that experience, he was scarred for life.”, I answered.

When the sister left the room and the therapist sat alone at his desk, He really started to think about the things that she told him. This story had changed his life forever, he could even feel the sorrow that she felt and he knew that he was never going to see life the same way that he used to do before. He just sat there with a look in his eyes like a ghost. He then looked at the pictures on his desk of his wife and 3 kids. He wanted to see them now. He hurried home to hug them and be with them. Thankful for having the opportunity to do so.

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Jen says:
29 Dec, 2012 08:19 AM

This is one of the best story i read here. The detail here is amazing. The way the sister cares for her brother and finds out this evil is almost similar to how H.P Lovecrafts writes his story. Hats off to the writer.

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Marco B. S. says:
29 Dec, 2012 10:39 PM

Very glad that you liked it!

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UnknownSecrets says:
12 Jan, 2013 03:39 AM

This is...beautiful writing. This is one of my favorite writing pieces I have seen. Please keep writing!

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Creepy Tales Corner says:
30 Aug, 2017 09:02 PM

If you are ok with it, I will use this on my youtube channel. You will be credited

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