The Enemy Within


11 Aug, 2013 01:50 PM

There once was a boy, his name is Damon. Damon didn't have friends nor was he close to his family. He was fine with that, he was more of the silent type anyway. Well one night, Damon was about 5 years old. He was happy because he had his own room not sharing with his sisters. He was sleeping when he heard a noise...coming from his window. He was scared but decided he is brave enough to go see what was out there. He looked at the window..and saw.......something. It has very pointy and sharp teeth the claws were like razors, could cut steel in half, it's skin was pure black with messy hair and it's eyes were completely blood red..and it was smiling at him,showing those terrifying teeth. He screamed and ran to mommy and daddy's room. He said "Mommy! Mommy! There's a monster in my room!" The mom groaned and got up to see nothing under the bed and the closet the monster where. 

Mommy said it was just a bad dream but he knew it wasn't. He had to go to sleep anyway I had school tomorrow and he went to bed. Damon never saw the monster again and soon forgot about it. Damon is about 14 now still the same. No friends not close with his family. He got in a fight with his sisters. The youngest one, Lizzy went in his room and took his stuff and then broke it. The oldest one, Abby said it was accident, of course the parents went on the case and they thought Lizzy and Abby were telling the truth...this made him very angry. He thought 'Why does everyone hate me? I never did anything!' 

Damon finally calmed down and got some sleep as he was about to close his eyes he saw IT again. That same monster he saw when he was five. He just stood there in shock. He waited to see if it would do anything but it didn' just had that same smile showing it's teeth...he thought it was part of a bad dream and went to sleep with the monster still smiling at him....

The next morning he woke up to the most frightening thing he had ever seen...he saw his family...dead not just dead but murdered, they were in pieces! He choked up the best courage he could and finally moved and called the police...

Police: I've never seen anything like this before the boys family..dead. From some kinda of mentality challenged person. I mean look at this! Deep cuts in the guts and bite marks everywhere! Not to mention the eyes of the victims just plain and lifeless... It looks like there were signs of struggle so they didn't go down without a fight. This is straight from a torture film! Maybe some kind of animal. A bear? I don't know...

They have sent him to a foster home, a family is interviewing Damon. I went to go spy and it looks like I'm there new son. I went back to their home. Their family has tons of kids, maybe fosters. I have a room of my own it has Spider Man posters and a blue wall. A typical boy's room. I lied down on my new bed. I didn't really like the family it looks like they were trying to be nice to me, make me feel at home but they knew something was...different about me. 

I closed my eyes and went to sleep. I had a dream about that monster with the sharp teeth killing the new family. It was gruesome and disgusting. I woke up in cold sweat. I walked in the living room to find the family dead! With the same wounds as my old family...What was going on? Some killer was following me and was killing the families I have lived with but not me... I had to do something I quickly ran to the police and they saw the bodies.

I don't know what to do. I don't feel safe. I went to my school celebration ceremony we were about 19 and we were partying for finally finishing school. I didn't do anything really I just drank a little watched a few movies. I just kept thinking about my family and that morning I saw them dead. I hated looking at that same image of them over and over again. I was going insane.

I bought a house today, It's not that big. But it is big enough for one person. I ordered a pizza and watched a couple movies. I had work in the morning and I had to get some sleep pretty soon. It wasn't that late so I decided to go to the cemetery where all the families I had before. I kneelled down to see my family's tombstones. Lizzy,Abby and My Parents. It started to rain. I saw people putting up umbrellas or running to a place with a rooftop on it. I didn't have an umbrella I have always liked the rain. I faced at my family's tombstones again.

And smiled showing my sharp pointy teeth.

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catherine says:
28 Aug, 2013 11:15 PM

that was amazing I loved it!

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Alex says:
05 Sep, 2013 09:45 PM

perfect ending. my lord that really scared me I love it. <3

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Mr Writer says:
17 Nov, 2013 04:52 PM

great and horrific

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Tori says:
05 Jan, 2014 05:14 AM

I really enjoyed this. I liked the ending. There was one problem though when u switched from third person to first person. Good job though.

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chloe says:
25 Mar, 2014 02:16 PM

it was good, loved the ending

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