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Pure silence covered the whole house. You could hear your own breathing from wall to wall. And darkness was my friend. Shadows were everywhere to be seen, they chased you. All I could do was run, behind my guide. We both felt it coming, but we never said a word. From door to door there was nothing but black illusions. Tension was everywhere though, but the kind that you felt in your bones. And I for sure did not want to get caught in the act. The followers were getting near. There's no place to hide now.

She took me by the hand and quickly we moved from place to place. I could hear her mumble, but it only made me worry more. What can you say, I was a kid of four at the time. And for running in complete darkness and hearing voices from everywhere is what made me fear most. The shadows followed, and she just kept running. And all I hear from her is bits of pieces coming from her mouth in the silence of the house. "they can't take her" "no no no" "have to get out" "my poor baby". We continued to run.

The shadows were catching up and I could feel the icy cold fingers run through my spinal chord. As I trembled so did she, her hands were soggy wet from griping on my hand. She was shaking but I could tell she knew, they were catching up. Goosebumps were now forming, but not on me on her. She felt like ice, but the night air felt 70. More and more closely the breathing felt.

She couldn't open one damn door and the shadows were getting closer. Her desperation was kicking in. "come on this one has to open" nothing did. "Come on come on" she shook the handles of every place she could find, but nothing opened. She yelled in frustration and anxiety was already here. "I have a child for god sake, please open".

Tears were not an option for this moment, but one little glimmer was showing in her cheek. I wanted to hug her but now was not the time. We continued to move on. Coming to every door and nothing, they saw but no opening was available. Almost as if no one was wanting us, "you're not allowed here" is what I heard. She kept running and opening, but nothing. The shadows were closer now. I could feel there breath against my bones, almost as if they were taking away all the life in me. As for her, she was still as a rock as she ran, and I could tell she knew. They were paralyzingly us now in our minds. But nothing was more close then the feeling of death in our hands. We ran and ran, with each pace there was a small glimmer. She was losing hope now, in the dark I could tell she was a cloth dripping after being soaked in water. "We need help" and between words I heard her say "if someone could just help us". As she ran she got distracted and as we hit a curve. She fell in her doom, as she got up red marks were now showing but she continued. She picked me up and carried me in her arms. Her grip on me was as strong as rope when playing tug o war. I could hear her heart beat with every move she made. Her little stars that fell from the sky were so warm and soft I smiled at them. I knew she was fighting them and now she was fighting for me. "don't worry baby your going to be alright" her voice was now a button shaking on a table rolling on to the floor. But between the lines I didn't here a 'we'. Now I knew something was up, so I held on even more.

Throughout the search for an open door, more silence was killing a living.
The shadows were now neck and neck with air. She felt defeated but kept going. With one last chance of life in us, one opened. With all her might she opened to one door of hope. As she held me, I knew there wasn't no time left. As she put me on the ground and kissed my forehead I knew she was saying goodbye. I held on to her neck, I didn't want to let go. I felt her struggle from the pain of separation. As she moved my hands my grip got stronger and with each pull my heart felt weak. So as I let go I kissed her cheek and with the small kiss I got I return her star. The small little rain drop that made me remember her. With that she looked at me and said "my little one, don't make no sound. Your gonna be alright. I'll be back to get you soon. Don't worry, _____ loves you" she felt torn as she said goodbye. "I love you too, _____", my heart sank seeing her face. And as she closed the door I felt rays of heat impale my skin. I knew something was going to happen.
* * * * * *

As a small thing I could tell the right from wrong, and while sitting there for some minutes I knew something was up. I could hear sounds in the background, like those weird background voices you hear in some songs. From some reason they freak me out, and I'm guessing it's from this memory.
* * * * * *

As I'm there sitting and holding back tears, I could hear her voice softly but trembling. She was fighting the urge, to rescue me.

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nice story

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