A nightmare of heaven


11 Oct, 2013 07:59 PM

Roses upon ones lips, hands on her hips. Saline closes her eyes and sees nothing but the death of her love ones. Blood in every hand, tears in every eye. There was nowhere to either run or hide the pain from coming on the outside of her breathless heart. She could scream but no one would be able to hear her cries.

As the dark angels fill the night with darkness and sadness, Saline lays in her bed praying for a god to save her for the nightmare that ends her dreams of life. “Why am I here? Where is my savior the one to take all my pain from my dying heart?” Saline prays to the stars above the sky. As tears fall from her eyes she lays down her head and closes her eyes. With no sound of cries Saline falls asleep.

*** ………..

Birds’ singing of a beautiful harmony, the wind blows to the west and whistles across the sky. The sun is shining down onto the ground making it look like heaven. Saline is laying there with a beautiful smile at her face. “What a perfect world?!” Saline speak with sweet delight.

“Just perfect”…

She starts to walk across the grassy mellow, dragging her dress on the ground. Saline closes her eyes and let the wind and the sounds glide her across. “Stop!” a small voice speaks below her. Saline opens her eyes and looks down. A small child is standing below her. The little girl starts to speak “Stop you can’t go there, you’ll be doom!” Saline asks “What do you mean I’ll be doom?”

“At the end of this grassy mellow is darkness,”

“What kind of darkness that you speak of?”

“One that’ll take your soul and give you nothing but death…”

Saline takes a deep breath in and out. Walking forward, the little girl tries to stop Saline from going any farther. Saline wouldn’t listen it was like she was on some kind of spell. With every step Saline takes her skin tone turn darker like the darkness of world. The little girl walks by her side trying to stop Saline from walking into the darkness. As much she tries, Saline wouldn’t even stop walking.

With eyes red as blood, with skin dark as the night sky, and with hair as bright as the moon, Saline is stuck inside her own body. “Let me out!” she screams in her mine with a little right next to her trying to make her stop from going into the darkness. Saline cries on the inside, “Please let me out…”

The sky is pure black with little fire flies flying around the starless sky. Wind blowing to the east, blowing to the west, ran comes crashing down. Saline and the little girl clothes are soaking wet from the top of their shirts from the bottom of their dresses. “Please stop Saline!” the little cries out to the sky above.

Tags: Death, Blood, Scream
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