Broken Babies

Nikki Necronomicon

06 Jun, 2013 08:51 AM

It was an average spring day. Birds chirped as they fed their newly hatched babies. Bees and dragon flies zipped through the air. I laid my head back to enjoy this sweet day. As I was dozing off, the peace broke. My dog frantically ran passed me to the front of the yard. Out of curiosity, I followed her to see What she was all worked up about. I walked the dirt path and came to a halt when I saw her. She was sniffing a dead possum that feel out of the tall pine tree. It's skull cracked instantly as hit the ground. I managed to shoo my dog away from the animal. I went inside the house, grabbed some gloves and walked back to the dead possum. My intention was to remove it, but when I came closer, I saw that the possum was in labor before the fall. The mother possum's stomach was gaping open with it's offspring.

They were still alive! I was so shocked. I didn't want to leave the poor little things there, so I put the gloves on, and pulled them out individually. Each time I pulled one out, was terrifying and beautiful. I felt responsible for 5 lives. I carefully laid them in a bucket and carried them off to show my mother. Instead of in awe, she was disgusted and ordered me to get rid of them at once. I begged and pleaded to keep them, otherwise they would suffer to death. She didn't care, I still had to get rid of them.

I knew if I just left them outside, they would die a slow and painful death. So I quietly made my way to the shed outback. I dropped the bucket as I fell to my knees. Tears filled my eyes. I knew what I had to do. I gently pick up one of the babies. It was so pink and fleshy. It's eyes weren't even open yet. Thank God it didn't see the horror that awaited it. I placed on the stone step, and picked up a heavy rock. I slowly lifted the rock high enough to go above my head. The baby possum squealed and squirmed. Somehow it knew. A tear rolled down my cheek; as it fell, so did the rock. I heard a loud thump and took one look at the baby, it was half dead and bleeding. I screamed and cried at the sight and ran to my room. My pillow was soaked with tears. After my moment, I managed to gather the strength to finish off the dirty deed. Again, I bashed it's head in until the squealing faded out. But it wasn't soon over. One after another, the bodies piled up. Every moment was pure agony. The very animals I rescued, I ended their lives sooner than they knew.

I didn't sleep that night, for the haunting squeals tapped at my window. To this day, I can still hear the squeals and feel the blood on my finger tips.

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Lily says:
04 Mar, 2017 02:49 AM

So sad. I'm about to cry! I LOVE ANIMALS. I could never do that! I wouldn't be able to handle it. Sooooo sad...

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