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22 Dec, 2012 04:36 AM

The black sky smelt of burning wood, and campfires. The aging mans hair was damp. He had not hurt anyone in so long but the pressure in him was building. He loved doing it. The way it made him feel. Then again in 1581 you could kill much easier without being caught. He walked to the edge of the forest. His head pulsed, he dropped to the forest floor and began to hyperventilate. He was sweating from his forehead and his neck. He dropped his travel bag, and his remaining water spilled into the dirt as he collapsed. When he awoke His eyes were weary, and very cold. His pupils grew tiny. He stood from the ground and picked up nothing, he walked to the closest house. A small cottage. Inside he found a small sword. And a man sleeping. A farmer most likely. He looked at him strangely and... [Read More]

Tags: Relapse, BloodBiscuit, Psycopath, Crazy, Lunatic, Deranged, Horror, Scary, Graphic
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The Satisfying


05 Dec, 2012 04:12 AM

The satisfying "click" of my victims door alarms me. They would most likely go to sleep after a night like this. This was the first time my "employers" gave me a job I actually wanted to do. The sound of water running now, teeth brushing. This reclusive prick better have enjoyed there last night of laughing, drinking, eating, breathing. There final night, of living. They were in the bedroom now, I was in the closet which was getting uncomfortably warm..... Just as I predicted. My victim has gone into bed without showering. Now I will begin. I unsheathed the 16 inch knife and grasped its oak handle, which felt good. It fit perfectly in my hands, the blade was carbon steel, non serrated edge. It cut very swiftly and had a considerable amount of heft to it, But not too heavy. 15 minutes later I decided after a night like... [Read More]

Tags: Murder, Murderer, Assassin, Killed In Sleep, Night, Sleep, Graphic, BloodBiscuit
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