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Robin Ray

08 Oct, 2017 11:17 PM

“Pain favors the unfortunate but love favors the strong.” For some unknown reason, those words echoed in Lorenzo ‘Ren’ Castile’s mind as he stood at the stainless steel paring table hacking pigs into manageable cuts on a walnut board with a cleaver. Wearing shiny, black, padded leather boots and a thick, black, plastic apron, the burly 24-year-old butcher’s apprentice had been standing on his feet in the huge windowless freezer working for hours. The naked bodies of dead bovines and domestic pigs dangled from hooks everywhere in the cold metallic stall. His boss had given him the assignment of preparing the hogs for some impressive barbecue involving big shot actors and politicians over at the Waldorf Astoria. Was Ren invited to the shindig? Of course not. Why would anyone invite a high school dropout with a criminal record like his to such an impressive black tie event? Ren knew from... [Read More]

Tags: Darkness, Wrestling, Chinese, Basement, Midnight, Homeless, Graphic
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