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Spine Love Chilling

Robin Carretti

05 Nov, 2016 08:51 PM

Are you ready for a chill change?Is this your end of existence we need more darkness and what a hell of a mental state this wasn't my New York state of mind. The piano player was a physio going psycho dementedly insane.I needed more blood in my Cardio work-out he took a bite of my neck what a slayer. How he was playing his I tunes with heavy fumes poured down my face.I'm not getting any Fargo chilled caffeine give it to me straight up. Such erotic men Wavy-circuit bad brain psychotic stock went up. Many sides of the moon compulsive behavior shooting up the wolf. So painfully and sadistic he was like a Bullheaded Matador trying to seduce me checking me out with his intensely dark dominant eyebrow's psycho trait, like an exorcism, he stared into bloody stream consciousness. But I was wearing this red all full of his... [Read More]

Tags: Dark World, Rock Bands, Mental, Psychotic, Psycho, Insane, Graphic
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