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2 faces of 3d slaughter

Robin Carretti

03 Dec, 2016 06:11 PM

A few strands, of her hair, messed up falling,she felt someone dark vibe waiting out there. She was the victim haunting music pulsing at her throat she got popped.What fucker's of a different tribe It was a hot humid smoked up day.Looking out the darkness spanked her window, it needed a change,her blood was dripping out of the art-work.She saw his face, coming at her, threatened by him.Turned 4 a second 2 faces came out spitting up blood mirror mirror on the hell of the fall face to face. Rock danger of ricochet, she needed to slip a note, to the detective no one believed her story. The police officer thought she was so paranoid,her husband was in the dark room slaughtering up hell's angel's food,this woman called the slaughter house Police force, so many times crying Wolf!! She got her bloody artist hands, trying to keep steady.She was following... [Read More]

Tags: Dark World, Spiritual, Dark Club
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