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J Payette

12 Nov, 2017 02:03 AM

Within a mansion where George Hearn was recently hired, a girl not quite living drifted toward him in the form of a mist. Lovely was her voice as she spoke to him and soon he followed her wispy form to the second floor of the great house, pausing at the door which she said was her room, the very room where the old lady who owned the place slept. Her lovely voice said, Come to me. He didn’t know her words registered in his mind, not in the fabric of the air. “Where did you go,” he asked, “why can’t I see you anymore?” The real me is on the other side of the door, and I am oh so lonely. “But this is Ruth’s bedroom. Do you want to get me fired?” Oh no, not for anything in the world. Don’t worry. She sleeps with Prince Valium. You’d have... [Read More]

Tags: Horror, Paranormal, Gothic, Alone, Evil
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