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Test subject #1


23 May, 2013 01:59 AM

The bottom of the test tube blackened underneath the Bunsen burner. The indigo colored mixture inside bubbled. "Excellent.... Time for a test subject.." The man said. He slicked back his long blonde hair and licked his lips. "What do you think Arthur? Would you like to par take in my tasting my new potion?" He asked. Arthur trembled on the table. He was secured to the table by chains. His mouth was taped. He crunched his eyes up and started crying. "Ana... Remove the tape from Arthur's mouth... I think he has something to say." Ana hesitated. "Sir I don't think he has to say anything.. He's crying." She responded. "Oh come now Ana! He wants to tell me something! You don't know good old Arthur like I do." The man responded, followed by a deep chuckle. "I.. Uh " She shuffled her feet. "ANA!" He yelled into the girls... [Read More]

Tags: Scientific, Experiment, Potion, Murder, Passion, Sadistic, Death, Graphic
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