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the making of legends

Jack Sorenson

12 Jul, 2015 05:20 PM

This happens quite frequently in the making of legends. In small towns after all, who really believes that some old man’s disgruntle tales of his family home being invaded by a werewolf fifty years ago on a Halloweens night would ever come true. By a young boy’s dead father last words before he died. Jack and his Mother Deborah accounts to there his son, now being an old man himself many many years later. The belief was real in fact, the boy’s father believed it so much that there was a silver barrel shotgun with a homemade large thick wooden stock to hold its adamant size and weight by the front door remembering when he was a young boy. In that and a water stained cardboard box of silver bullets was all that remained to his father’s true belief carries with the shotgun as the shells rattled in his pocket... [Read More]

Tags: Death, Family, Terror, Werewolf
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Hide and seek

Nerezza Selve

13 Apr, 2014 06:25 PM

Honestly, Julia didn't want to go to this party. It would be boring, dull, a waste of a perfect afternoon. But Eric wanted to go and he wouldn't be happy if she stayed behind. They arrived somewhere after twelve. The venue was an old house, small and neat. "It's beautiful!" Julia breathed, clutching Eric's hand tightly in her own. He laughed. "And you wanted to stay home!" Soon, though, every guest was bored out of their mind. Beauty does not keep a mind from straying, becoming idle, and the initial effect of the house disappeared fast. Smoke in the wind. The host quickly came up wtih an idea. "A game of hide-and-seek!" The game began. Julia rushed about frantically, trying to find a place to hide. There! The attic! No one would think to look for her there! The attic was clean and well kept. A wardrobe, a desk, a... [Read More]

Tags: Trapped, Panic, Desperation, Terror
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