My First Time


12 Oct, 2012 02:10 AM

I want to hurt somebody. Make someone feel how I do. The river is beautiful, my gun is loaded, my tools are cleaned, and my toy is all tied up and ready. She looks at me in fear, she can't very well scream with the gag in her mouth. So I took it out, I wanted to hear how she asked "what did I ever do to you?" and "why me?" I wanted to hear her scream. She looked at me terrified as I took out my first tool, just an ordinary pair of scissors.

She asked what I was going to do to her. I ignored her talking as it was tedious. I took the scissors and slowly moved them towards her head, she screamed when I grabbed a fist full of her hair she bragged so much about and cut it all off. I looked at her dissatisfied, and took out my scalpel. I made sure it was nice and sharp by making a deep cut on her arm just to hear the scream; I knew it was extremely sharp beforehand. I took my scalpel and dragged it along her hair line just deep enough to feel it scraping her skull, I did the same all around were her hair used to be. I smiled as I listened to the satisfying scream mixed with the sound of pealing flesh off bone, slowly. It was over all too soon, as I quickly got bored of the sound I took my kitchen knife and quickly chopped off her left ear. I relished in the scream of a girl in the worst pain possible, the pain caused by her best friend. I soon grew weary of her blubbering and removed my pliers from my pouch of little tools. I used the pliers then very crudely removed her finger nails; she stared in horror at the site of all the things she thought were so great about herself.

As I pondered what to use my toy for next, I recalled that she loves to talk. I smile a genuine smile for the first time in a long while as I take my pliers to her teeth; I slowly twisted each one out. I reached out for my scissors and my hammer; once I found them I painfully hit her jaw with the hammer until it shattered. I took a clamp and put it on her tongue and pulled till it was bleeding, I then took the scissors and slowly cut through her pink discussing tongue. Now all her murmurs are nothing but useless noise. I grew very annoyed by her crying and screaming and took my gun out and slowly aimed it at her leg and fired, the sound of her scream was so lovely I did it to the leg at the hip. Still wanting more of the sound I shot her arms at the shoulder and smiled. I quickly tied bags of rocks to her metal fold up chair and very slowly tilted it backwards towards the river watching the fear in her eyes grow as I let go, and she plunged down and was filled up with something other than hot air. As I was cleaning my tools I knew this wouldn't be my last time, merely my first.

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Darkangel101 says:
22 Nov, 2012 03:25 AM

i absolutely love the way you have so many deep details in your stories. it gives me chills but i love reading them.

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Ryan says:
24 Nov, 2012 08:43 PM

thanks that means alot to me and i dont know if i should do any more or not what do you think?

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Thoron says:
27 Nov, 2012 01:12 PM

Please, Please, PLEASE do more, the depth of your detail is what makes me love every one of your stories no matter how depraved they might be, you keep them interesting do not stop.

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Ryan says:
29 Nov, 2012 01:38 AM

thanks Thoron i'll try to write another now-ish.

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Fallen_Angels_Cant_fly says:
21 Dec, 2012 09:56 PM

Loved it!!!!!

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