Spine Love Chilling

Robin Carretti

05 Nov, 2016 08:51 PM

Are you ready for a chill change?Is this your end of existence we need more darkness and what a hell of a mental state this wasn't my New York state of mind. The piano player was a physio going psycho dementedly insane.I needed more blood in my Cardio work-out he took a bite of my neck what a slayer. How he was playing his I tunes with heavy fumes poured down my face.I'm not getting any Fargo chilled caffeine give it to me straight up.

Such erotic men Wavy-circuit bad brain psychotic stock went up. Many sides of the moon compulsive behavior shooting up the wolf. So painfully and sadistic he was like a Bullheaded Matador trying to seduce me checking me out with his intensely dark dominant eyebrow's psycho trait, like an exorcism, he stared into bloody stream consciousness. But I was wearing this red all full of his blood cape but I still wanted him he had this Taurus eye's smothered me for God-sake I asked him what he wanted from me he spat out of sick revelation the Priest was a vampire of another resurrection I couldn't protect myself more secrets came out. The confession every time they told them the Vampire would bite them but there was a certain bite like a venom snake. All wiggly and crawling all over her body the stake knife how many did they have.What this my revelation to get sucked up into these "Elite Vampires" the creepy thing was they were all over the website.

He drawled in his hot spicy cajun accent like a covered drape, this wasn't any time to run they were after Venessa and her friends she got an invite to the ball they wanted to make up with them like a sign of "Godly Providence" but the goodness. This was a trick going back to the ancient times in France there were many Vampires in theBc before Christ so spell-bound got pushed, closer, under his valentine, cape There was more to Devlin and his brothers so spine-chilling how could anyone escape such heavy breathing through her lungs but a good bloodline that was rare they needed to eat her anticipation what a revelation.This isn't the year 2016. I need an end messenger in the dark wood's of France there was a castle where they lived in a discreet area. This new year going on a bloody jet next to me mental case passenger.

Caught me in his shadow silhouette fancy me shape.I'm a singer & a writer.I became begging, he touched
a part of me my audience was a hell awakening.I always, feel like, I am waiting 4 something.Staying or going it doesn't pay the bill's society steals drug's & bands.I'm sucking on Vampire's, nymphomanic sucked all our business out he's hired. What do we have the vampires have all the same blood-line so if someone wanted to kill one they will all die that's the to die for in the ending? They always come, we all pay for one fucking dark condom. She was left in the forest bleeding like a dead deer.
We end up with the bloody neck and this bitcoins of the chilling. He was definitely a force to be reckoned.
I felt a shift inside of her melting like Satan. His face and arms were pumping out like a carnelian more blood he was changing into a Vampire covered in scratches bleeding from a hundred devil tears.

I felt his chill beyond anything virtual, I became how Creatures see bloodhound's trophy.He won we over he came all over that wind, fiercely, blowing hair Bob Satan voice speaking 2 me Blowing my sin.
Digging down hell dimension split end's combing dead lifeless end.Is this my time completely taken to be changed either I die or they inject me with Vampire blood to the very end. My frozen finger's like children of the damned. These creepy eyes of wolfs sociopolitical tormented evil dissolute.

So polluted, my brain, felt demonized?You were born this way, devil's, worked hard on you. Makeup artist, all chill blueish red blush Barnabas Vampire Dark Ring of shadow how he saw you from his rear Hitchcock window. So dark envy of widow's, Robbing the rich lover's poor soul. So Carmela cuddled all over my pillow talk. she was hard as her vampire red nails so many fangs of toffee brittle. But she loved to make the humans bleed easy to break into body parts to eat melted inside her coffee. Did I wake up with another "Vampire Lover?" How they are so sensitive too smells so internal or external. Should I change I felt I was too pure like Olive oil I didn't mix with the Vampires to much water the blood should be saucy like my Italian thick sauce they wanted more blood. What could I tell them about me they already know when their eyes go deep inside me is it all over. How I feel for a Vampire darkened "Wizardly Pinball" so bloody British Tommy who on my music cover. This was not my original plan. Artisan Book-wizard exotic music pages David Bowie speaks 2 me Changes.Not kosher remedy.Chicken Witch, computer eating cricket night sky swallowed him up trapped my penicillin. All like a can-can of Leg's all black waxed, what so I see kaleidoscope circle-me fax.Insane 2-B 13 the square symbolic symbols, I feel sometimes it's my end. I need some help people calling out 2 you.lets all burn hands.I love all my dead rocker bands.He floods my bloody face. Did I see this coming?"

The next newspaper page cut on my finger, inked your word's Robin not to be the trusted exhibition, became his object ritual subject. Forces strange, movement shifting around he enter's pushing me.My century, tormented, I need an improvement.Next page singing out like hell commented. So much Darker so articulate, was this my fate, calling me Amazon's Jack the ripper Kissed all the virgins like a six sense so pervertedly morbid. Things better change, medieval my knight, shining horse am I cheating myself. Remaking myself bleed again, goods of the world private underground.

I became so psycho with my head slashed does that make any sense.Is this my future or going back the eighteenth century I saw what I really became so vicious my blood of wine every day like a mad creature a time when things were craved to be delicious



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