Torture (Victim)


19 Dec, 2012 04:55 AM

I look at my captor carefully as I can, trying not to let them know I’m awake. As I take in HIS lean frame, HE turns and sees that I’m awake on the cold, hard, metal table. I look away whimpering when HE smiles at me, it’s not the happy haha kind of smile, it’s more like haha I’m going to do so many horrible things to you and love it kind of smile.

As I look at the ceiling I see the mirror on the ceiling, and vaguely wonder what it’s there for in the back of my mind. I turn my head sharply as I hear HIM move closer to me, I catch a glimpse of what HE was doing, and what was behind HIM, and see the sharp, silver tools, and start to panic. I struggle with the bonds on my hands and feet but they're too strong for me to break out of.

He walks over to me and slowly encumbrances a shiny silver scalpel down my face, I cry out, for anyone as long as it’s not HIM who comes to save me. It seems to me the louder, and more I scream the faster He cuts. I sob softly as he stops, to watch the blood run down my cheek like a small creek, the only sounds are me, and the sound of my blood dripping to the floor like a leaky faucet. Watching in growing fear he puts the scalpel back on his little tray of tools, all I can think of is how this night was supposed to be just me and my friends, but now it’s this…

I tense my body as He comes closer, fearing the worst. He comes closer to my face and slowly leans down and He…He smells me. Caught off guard by this, I drop my mental shield; just enough to feel the pain from the cuts He had already given me while I was asleep. He licks my neck and I start to panic, I scream as something sharp slowly pierced my neck.

Agonizing pain leaked through my veins, surging through my body like a million miniature daggers slicing me open at an agonizing speed. Whatever was latched on to my neck suddenly released, and He sat up and looked at me, and smiled at me with blood covering his lips, dripping down his chin. He kept smiling at me as He reached behind him and grabbed a carving knife from the table of tools, and places it almost gently in my mouth. I look at HIM with pleading eyes asking HIM not to do what I think he is. HE smiles as he starts to carve a smile on to my face, I scream in agony and feel my skin split faster than I thought it would. Agonized screams ripped through the room, at first it didn't register in my mind that it was coming from me. He stopped and looked at his handy work, while I sobbed, my head lolling off to the side. He growled at my sobbing, and reached in to my mangled mouth, and grabbed my tongue, pulling it roughly out of my mouth, he cut it out. I started to choke on my own gargling blood, feeling myself slowly dying, I scream. As I scream, He takes his scalpel, tight in HIS grip, and moved up to my eyes. Terrified I squeezed them shut, but he pushed slowly through my eye lids, to my eyes.

All I could feel was fire, in my head, my body, everywhere. I screamed and struggled as He slowly pushed through my eyes, and quickly twists the scalpel while pulling it out. I felt something warm near my throbbing wounds, on my mouth, I dimly realized that it must be my eye, I was dying. With my one good eye I watched as HE came back to my neck, where he bit me and cut down towards my chest, I yelled out in agony as he cut, what felt to be a large rectangle, out of my neck. I knew I was going to die, I knew that I wouldn't live through the next few minutes, in my last few seconds I felt myself slipping, slipping to a place I would never wake up from. I was past the point of feeling what he was doing, but I did register that my body was still screaming in pain, agonizing pain. I died knowing that HE would kill again.

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Katy says:
20 Sep, 2013 10:18 PM


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Ryan says:
22 Sep, 2013 09:46 PM

Haha thanks :)

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armando alvidrez says:
18 Sep, 2016 12:30 AM

i want to write this way

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armando alvidrez says:
18 Oct, 2016 07:52 PM

this is my favorite story.

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Zero murillo says:
02 Nov, 2017 08:17 PM

It wasn't that bad, but I still liked it

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