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Nathanael Swenson

01 May, 2013 07:10 PM

A sweet child... a sweet... innocent child, torn to shreds. This young boy is dead in a storm drain on Red grove Dr in Missy, Wisconsin. Somewhere across the street, a mother (father CRAZY!) just entered her neat, white, cookie cutter home unknowing that her precious, "little man", has slipped away, died, seen the light. A mother who didn't understand,"The Gift" (YES!)that took her son's life away. A gift that people would call, "hallucinations", but that's because people don't know (I KNOW!!!!). The boy's name is Johnny and it was 2 hours after he was tucked into bed by his mother (I LOVE HIM TOO!!!) that screams were heard next door. The screams not only triggered phone calls to the police but also attracted the attention of everyone on their block (Red grove Dr. RED GROVE DRIVE!). All the men and woman (Most of whom were still in their night... [Read More]

Tags: Scary, Wierd, Strange, Nightmare, Dead, Neighbors, Seperation, Crazy, Creepy, Mysterious
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The Valley of Dead

Marco B. S.

11 Jan, 2013 08:31 PM

My friend and I walked alone today. We did talk a lot at the time, but when we came closer to his home, he started to taunt me a little because I can be easy to scare. He counted all the times he had fooled me the last week. I feel a little like a coward, but I know he didn't want to be mean. He asked me if I was enough of a man to walk alone through the valley of death at night; I didn't know what it was so I asked him. After a few seconds, he answered me: “The valley of death is a place full of evil; your worst nightmare WILL come true. It is a place where you heart will stun just at the sight of the horror there. There are a lot of rumors about the valley, but one thing is definitely for... [Read More]

Tags: Valley Of Dead, Dead, Insanity, Cruelty, Bittersweet, Life, Nightmare, Evil, Death, Scary
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The ReAwakening

DC Martin

11 Mar, 2012 08:37 AM

The first time I heard it, I thought it was just the house settling, either that or I had dreamt it. I was about half asleep, lying across the bed, boots still on my feet; half clothed, I had slept where I’d fell. A half empty can of Budweiser beer sat on the mock oak end table next to the bed; a beady layer of sweat now it's own makeshift koozy. The sound that had pulled me from my sweet abyss was a cross between the sound of someone trying to kick in my front door and the sound you hear when you head butt a soccer ball. I got up and turned down the television, Jay Leno was doing his monologue and laughing at his own jokes as usual, so I did not mind one bit decreasing the volume. I made my way to the window and looked out... [Read More]

Tags: Zombie, Dead, Horror, Scary
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