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Nathanael Swenson

01 May, 2013 07:10 PM

A sweet child... a sweet... innocent child, torn to shreds. This young boy is dead in a storm drain on Red grove Dr in Missy, Wisconsin. Somewhere across the street, a mother (father CRAZY!) just entered her neat, white, cookie cutter home unknowing that her precious, "little man", has slipped away, died, seen the light. A mother who didn't understand,"The Gift" (YES!)that took her son's life away. A gift that people would call, "hallucinations", but that's because people don't know (I KNOW!!!!). The boy's name is Johnny and it was 2 hours after he was tucked into bed by his mother (I LOVE HIM TOO!!!) that screams were heard next door. The screams not only triggered phone calls to the police but also attracted the attention of everyone on their block (Red grove Dr. RED GROVE DRIVE!). All the men and woman (Most of whom were still in their night... [Read More]

Tags: Scary, Wierd, Strange, Nightmare, Dead, Neighbors, Seperation, Crazy, Creepy, Mysterious
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09 Mar, 2013 01:40 AM

Dark. Everything Dark. It's hard to think. It's hard to remember... I wake up in the same room I left in. My arms bolted into the chair making me view the same scene repeatedly. Walls, bleached white with tears of yellow as if they too are trapped in this eternal place, with the low ceiling castrating their every move with it's own bolts. The voices again, the whispers of foreignness that brought me to this room with what felt like weeks ago. I tense as I hear the slow tapping of boots hitting the floor, in sync with my rapidly beating heart. Louder, closer, louder, closer, the noise of my heart almost becoming to much as sweat pours down my body. I suddenly tense as a click is sounded through the room with an almost instant crash of the door opening. A women strides in, as tall as the celling... [Read More]

Tags: Dark, Strange
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