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Dire Consequences


03 Dec, 2014 08:17 PM

It was a cold and rather bleak afternoon. The sun wasn't present nor was its’ warmth and all that you could see in the sky was clouds. I remember the school bus stopping three houses down from mine and the bus doors opening with a slight creek like that of an old wooden door in a rather aged home. I had gotten up out of my seat and grabbed my back pack with both hands which caused me to wobble a bit as I walked through the aisle of the bus toward the exit. I noticed the faces of the fellow passengers and for a second admired the differences of each individual and the unique expressions each one possessed. I usually don’t talk like that to people though for people think I over analyze or take simple things to a much further level than things ever should be brought down... [Read More]

Tags: Death, Psych, Hospital, Coma, Depression, Sadness
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