The Unforgiving Magic (part one)

Jack Sorenson

01 Aug, 2015 02:52 PM

Synopsis: Olivia

Sunshine and prairie grass–well in the foreground over grown thick and untamed.
For the background, perhaps a thousand miles away or more than half a decade removed in time. In the blue sky a meadow lark’s love song, and in the grass the boom of the prairie chicken’s wings are the only sounds that break the primeval silence, excepting the lisping of the wind which dimples the broad acres of tall grass–thousand upon thousand of acres–that stretch eastward for miles toward an old farm. To the left the prairie grass rises upon a low hill, belted with limestone and finally merges into the edge of the far horizon.

To the southward on the canvas the prairie grass is broken by the heavy green foliage above a sluggish stream that writhes and twists and turns through the prairie strong winds, which rises above the stream and meets another limestone belt upon which the waving ripples of the unmowed grass wash southward to the eye’s reach’s suspenseful filled story filed with the belief of the hidden mystery form the magical webbing of the farm house toward a child entwined to catch you up of good and evil, a force that stretches from a world of magic spoken.

Spiritual qualities can move mountains, its mind over human matter, to the brain of a youngster all ready at work being taught by a old wizard, if you do truly believe most times, the person you are with, is much more than a magical being and as his used of collecting souls are excused, as much re-enforcement is gently, introduced to a mere-child, by the wizard named LaGrange dark magic, for his needs to stay alive, in keeping in that in mind, the child Olivia, belief, and as in this story continues, you’ll see that Olivia interdicted the willing of evil, and his darkness, in the first place, too only taking un knowing it started the teaching of his magic to be the great one day by LaGrange, truly this story will be sound very real. Remnants of the day's light barely brightened the dark magic, is not far away it sits with the old wizard on the horizon.

The looks of evening. A warm breath puffing against his self, at first bewildered spell cast, he focused on the blue-and-yellow of the sky twisting back and forth from his spell before turning due to his magical touch that had encouraged spite of the blinding pain it gave him in his old age, and he ventured another step. In this method, he reached the site of the of a farm house and saw the old lady and a mere child. His greatest glory in living lies not in ever falling, but in rising every time we fall brings people toghter. One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. You can take from every experience what it has to offer you. Only when you open your heart to fear, rather than trying to fight it or deny it or even overcome it, then you find LaGrange dark magic.

The story:
Ancient farm land walls built long ago to many colorful stories could be told in that told epic stories of old of great nobles men’s deeds and of their kings great many victories from one book, but somewhere, in time, there was a girl wanted all so to be crown a king, by an young girls many visions and as night time dreams would travel toward a wish, that it all would start to become true, when she was just an year old as she slept.

What did come and went throughout her mind was her only a wish to Olivia dream, as a child living with her grand mother living in a old rundown farm house in the eighteen hundreds, buy reading a story book to her by her grand mother had read often to her about a visionary girl, while reading a powerful fictional tail, to be an advisor, with many visions of greatness in mind. toward a new king but, too be one herself a king, Olivia grand mother and grand daughter wish this to be real, with much use to magic grand mother only said, it could only become real, to go back in time sweetie, when this story took place specially, only if there was a way, to make this really happen my dear little one, you really, would need a helping hand, if you were filled with magic that is.

The story book continued to be read as she grew older. The kings army was huge compared what the story told of in a story book read in reality honorable as the times were in their struggles to keep their king happy too concurred more land, for a real king of that time frame to have many kingdom wealth, to be his huge.

It was always read by the old lady in a book about, Joan of Arc, in the summer time it was read daily, to keep the children happy, by Olivia’s grandmother, as her grand daughter and her two friends acted out the many parts, on the dull hot med afternoon day, on a old farm, in the shade of the backyard, under a old Yew tree, hearing the reading aloud with such great events, to be long remembered, and played out among, Olivia and her two good friends Mike and his yonder sister Stephani with fake staffs, and wooden swards, while grand mother read on the same story book for many years. LaGrange near about the farms and town lived in his den under ground and he happen to be a very devious wizard that no one dared came near once seeing him walk across there propriety, LaGrange looking back throughout, his own history, from his past, to this present moment in time, and considering the situation that mankind is presently in its blatantly very obvious, that for all of the magic of all of the claims, to it, LaGrange was truly blamed for it, any bad assurances from a bad crop, or a farmers cow stopped giving milk or a well gone dry. His name was always cursed, in a many villages of the past century to now too the future, of the many small towns, for anything that would gone wrong, all of the scientific achievements made by his darkness to magic to aid and help and spell out a curse when paid to do so, LaGrange seen their human lives could be worse off and all of the spiritual, and non religious doctrines calms always failed the human population, in fact, if anything was to better themselves, was getting worse, and more dangerous, from the learning of the wizards darken ways. The humans came to paid him, to make there lives better, or by someone else paid too be cursed by the use of his magic the darkness he attained, as did so many others humans near abouts. As later on by an old ladies determined manner, she had about herself, in finding a living wizard, she had about herself her grand daughter wish in mind, in finding a living wizard, for Olivia grand daughter. Olivia grand mother final meet one a old man that was a well known wizard, and ask him to come to her farm weekly, to meet her grand daughter, Olivia. The wizards always just walk away from her invite thinking of the worse what she wanted to be done, with the use of his magic.

LaGrange darkness reaches deeply in humans thoughts were they are cast a pond them, not always if that was really true or not, as he was to be blamed for in due to his history pass, when he was a holly terra of true darkest of real living wizards around the earth. His back ground being a dark wizard in his lived history of dirty deeds, performed so known world wide, most knew of only the stories told some fables some with much truth, around the farms, and towns, before hand they ever saw him. LaGrange was tried of being an out cast, and feeling very much alone, and feared of dyeing out, and all the darkness of his dark and evil magic ways, would be gone, one day, he was approached by a old woman coming back from the market again, she was so encouraging in fact to repeatedly asking LaGrange to come too visit her farm, for tea, and cake, weekly. This was the first old woman that showed no fear, when she approached him each time, and spoke, kindly to the great dark wizard LaGrange the great. To visits her and meet her only grand daughter and to enjoy a day with her and her grand daughter, went by the last name of Mary Spencer, as her grand daughter was, Olivia Noble.

Time has past, the wizard final showed up on a Sunday, a month later, were he was surprised by a mere-child was their waiting to meet him at the head of the dirt road, a girl of six year of age at the main part of the dirt road, were it turned, to Olivia’s friends farm, she help him the old wizard to walk with him, to her grand mothers home, down the road, unsteady of turning down the wrong way he been lost. Olivia only said, Aim Olivia, please to meet you, at first taking the old man by the hand. Seeing the farm house and the table set and ready as the old woman stood waiting. At first sitting with the old woman reaching the farm the old wizard learned she was very old in her mannerisms as age, and left, in her care was her only living family member left, a grand child so named Olivia, and as her being the very last of her family of last name Noble. Olivia Noble, as her parents passed away last August, the old lady wanted to get to know of this wizard better, before she made her mind up, to make a deal, that she had keep a secret, from him, as her grand child, to, till the time came to bring it up, to the old wizard. The many secrets that he can do for her grand daughter interned her, the old woman had thought much was talked about on each visit. How the illness wiped out many families as very little live stock remained.

Anyone with an ounce of common sense like Olivia grand mother had switches religions to realize that something in her family would be great in a none disastrous way, only if the time came to have the wizard would decide to raise her Olivia for her. This was now on the verge of happening when she had indeed started to grow older, Olivia would have her wish that she’d always dream of. Someone like Olivia will be tough enough to be the magical one, her grand mother had thought, and to really become greater, than she could ever reutilize that would be the old ladies grand daughter Olivia oddity, toward the beginning of witchcraft in her thinking, to have this come true. When Olivia was six years old, she was told that her Grandmother had been a little "off" by other people. She talked about auras and the spirits that flowed through the earth. She talked about spells and hexes after many visits from the old wizard its got changed as she did and added to the book when read the old woman would read to Olivia and her friends adding her own insurability to make her grand child great now using her name in the reads.

Olivia was intrigued, but was reluctant to discuss the events of her family's past history, or a weekly visits from an old wizard in what they did have discussed, after Olivia was made sure her job was too greet the old wizard first, by the old farm road and walk with him, to the farm house, were her grand mother had a table all set up in the yard every time by the grove of spruce trees, for there visit, and then only, Olivia if she wanted to stay nor not was aloud to go off and play near by.
The grand mother told Olivia one night before bed time telling her grand daughter after a Sunday visit from the old wizard, I can feel it, you can feel it too, fell what the child ask if not one day, and so can millions of others in you they’ll know, will know of you too just like the book sweetie, to be of helped to so many people of the kingdoms and creatures of the forest. You can only stretch something so far before it breaks, and at that point has almost been reached in the darkness of so much usage, of the LaGrange much wisdom, in his visits and talks, in a hidden evil dark magical ways; he had placed, into the mind, of the old woman. This madness of flipping thing around to get her grand daughter really, to believe, she be, the great one, through this time line in history long ago the old wizards teachings could do this.
The next Sunday’s visit the wizard filled the old woman’s head with mistrust and hatred toward the world in a spell that as the visited turned into a disgusting, shameful, pointless, unfair and downright evil society speech by himself he spoke of to the woman as Olivia played near by. This world the old wizard continued has mainly become; it is that most have to endure it, with out a fare fight. LaGrange says, while on his weekly visits, with Olivia’s grandmother inviting mistrust, to be placed into her thinking each time the human population was evil.
At night when the day was over, Olivia’s grand mother finished telling her grand child, you can change the world, while at night, when the grand mother place her into bed at night tuck her in, she would share some of what LaGrange the old wizard had shared with her during their visits that now came more than once a week, to her farm too only if you listen grand child, the grand mother would say to your heart, after you had been taught, right, from wrong first. Olivia looks into her grand mother eyes that night; they had turned to black orbs. Her grand mother eyes use to be hazel. After that night, Olivia never questioned this how it came to be, or anything else, in that was said oddity, by her grand mother afterwards, on a nightly tuck in to her bed.
Olivia two best friends Mike and Sister Anna had to tell their mother, when came Olivia visited once that week to there farm, and Olivia had shared with her friends that information with them about her grand mother to come to there mother for advice first on this occasions’ its was to much for kids to bear to keep quite about it all of the strange oddities of Olivia’s grand mother was saying to Olivia’s friend specially what happen the other night that had frighten Olivia.

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