The Satisfying


05 Dec, 2012 04:12 AM

The satisfying "click" of my victims door alarms me. They would most likely go to sleep after a night like this. This was the first time my "employers" gave me a job I actually wanted to do. The sound of water running now, teeth brushing. This reclusive prick better have enjoyed there last night of laughing, drinking, eating, breathing. There final night, of living. They were in the bedroom now, I was in the closet which was getting uncomfortably warm..... Just as I predicted. My victim has gone into bed without showering. Now I will begin.

I unsheathed the 16 inch knife and grasped its oak handle, which felt good. It fit perfectly in my hands, the blade was carbon steel, non serrated edge. It cut very swiftly and had a considerable amount of heft to it, But not too heavy.

15 minutes later I decided after a night like this, my victim would be close to sleeping. The scraping of fingernails on the closet door was now present, getting louder. The to-be victim stirred in his sleep. My heart burst with the impulsive desire to go savagely ballistic. I grit my teeth and slammed my knuckle on the door knob. "Who in the hell is there?!" The victim yelled, eager for a reassuring thought of it only being their imagination.
As always, they got no reassurance from me. I kicked the door open and stood there, "P-please I.. GET OUT! WHO IS IT?" They demand an answer. There was none. My stationary position turned into a slithering stroll "DON'T COME ANY CLOSER! I can have the police here before you can shit yourself!", the room was dark, but they could still see me, and for once they knew for sure that there was something in the dark to fear.

Within less than one second I leaped onto the bed and my victim screamed once, but only once. I landed on the polyester sheets and swung the blade viciously. My victim kicked and pushed but the last resort was hiding under their bunker of blankets. The blade cut through the fabric and into the flesh, multiple times. The scarlet stained sheets were torn rags.I grabbed for the throat and thrust-ed the blade into the center of the victim.

I put my ear to the mouth, and listened to the air flow out, like the blood from their heart.

By: Bloodbiscuit



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Demon Gothic Yumi says:
13 Dec, 2012 12:11 PM

cool i love hearing the death persons voice is good to hear, drinking bloods too

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Fallen_Angels_Cant_fly says:
21 Dec, 2012 10:00 PM

ohhhh i can just imagine the pain! and hear the sound of the blood gushing out of the body!

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BloodBiscuit says:
22 Dec, 2012 08:34 PM

Thanks guys, I appreciate it. I have another story written its pending right now. I'm hoping it should be up either tomorrow or the next day. Cheers.

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Sylvia says:
20 Nov, 2014 11:19 AM

Susan, I can just picture a wnairng label attached to the front jacket of the 50 Shades book...classic. Maybe our Nanny Government here in the States should step in and protect our ladies from this hazard. :-)

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