Test subject #1


23 May, 2013 01:59 AM

The bottom of the test tube blackened underneath the Bunsen burner. The indigo colored mixture inside bubbled. "Excellent.... Time for a test subject.." The man said. He slicked back his long blonde hair and licked his lips.

"What do you think Arthur? Would you like to par take in my tasting my new potion?" He asked. Arthur trembled on the table. He was secured to the table by chains. His mouth was taped. He crunched his eyes up and started crying. "Ana... Remove the tape from Arthur's mouth... I think he has something to say." Ana hesitated. "Sir I don't think he has to say anything.. He's crying." She responded. "Oh come now Ana! He wants to tell me something! You don't know good old Arthur like I do." The man responded, followed by a deep chuckle. "I.. Uh " She shuffled her feet. "ANA!" He yelled into the girls ear. "Yes, Yes sir!" Ana obeyed by ripping the tape of the Arthur's mouth. Arthur was sobbing. He was at the point where he was making whimpering noises and couldn't breath." Oh Arthur.... My dear Arthur... You have to say something .. don't you?" The man put his ear to Arthur's lips. Arthur Whimpered harder and harder. "P-p-p-p-p-please.... Uh huhh" The rest was inaudible. "Oh please what Arthur...?" He asked ever so gently in Arthur's ear. The chamber went silent. The man put his ear to Arthur's mouth again and closed his eyes, listening to him cry and whimper into his ear for two minutes.

Ana looked away. She looked at the scientists beautiful blonde hair through the dim light. She moved her eyes down to his focused face. He was listening very carefully to Arthur's sobs of fear and uncertainty. Ana snapped out of her gaze when an inconsistency of the image occurred. The scientists eyes were now closed. It looked as if he had fallen asleep with a smile on his face. "AAAAAAAAH!!!! YES!!!!!" Ana jumped at his victorious shout. "Yes, HAHAHA! Yes indeed.... ANA!" He called to her. "Yes sir!" She responded. "He said he wants to try it! The potion. Come now, bring it here. Arthur has been so kind as to volunteer for a taste test! Hah hahhaah.." His anxious grin was trembling.

Ana entered the next room and grabbed the test tube. The indigo mixture was still warm. She hurried and brought it to her master. "Thank you... Take notes on what happens." He asked politely. "I will." She said.

"Arthur.. I've been working on this potion for a while now... its almost like a self destruct potion.. For humans. " He walked over to Arthur's table. He forced his mouth open and emptied the tubes contents into His test subjects mouth. The Scientist then hurried over to the wall and turned a crank until the chains were retracted in the floor. Arthur was free. He stood up and stumbled around aimlessly. The scientist pushed him down two or three steps into an observation pit.

Arthur was finished crying now. He took a deep breath and spoke. "You will pay for making me suffer. I will make you pay for what you have done to me! YOU CANNOT DO TH-" Arthur was cut off. The scientist had another grin on his face. He began to laugh. Arthur began to violently vomit stomach acid and blood all over the floor. His ears started bleeding as did his nose. He regurgitated his tongue out of his mouth. His anal sphincter expanded to the size of a watermelon in his pants, It exploded with a horrific sound, Blood and diarrhea splattered everywhere, at least 1 gallon of blood and feces combined flowed onto the stone floor. "HAAHAH HHAHAHA! EXCELLENT! Just as I predicted!" The scientist shouted. "Great Job Arthur!"

He shouted over Arthur's screams of horror. Blood, semen and urine spewed from his penis at a grotesque pressure, he moaned in intense pleasure, and pain. The scientists laugh was echoing through the chamber in pure satisfaction. He couldn't breath. It was the most entertaining thing he had ever seen. Now that all of the fluids in his body was most likely empty, Another stage of the experiment took place, The eradication of his internal organs.

Arthur was still standing. He was trembling, pale white with his pants at his ankles. He stood in about a foot deep of his own filth. His pupils dilated until the whole whites of his eyes were black. An incredibly large piece of discharge came from his anus, it was large and small intestines. The same sound echoed through the chamber when he defecated. All of his organs below his esophagus fell into the waste. His intestines, liver, stomach, pancreas, diaphragm.

His hair shed until he was bald, he fell face first into the feces with a splash. He rolled onto his back slowly. His black eyes turned to ash and fell down his face. Two locusts came out of his empty eye sockets and flew into the air. They landed on the scientists shoulders, covered in an indigo colored mixture.



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GIRL says:
03 Aug, 2013 10:01 PM

That was so detailed, im surprised at how much there was, good job, creepy story:)

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BloodBiscuit says:
27 Nov, 2013 05:02 AM

Thank you for your kind words miss.

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