On the Verge of Death


04 Nov, 2016 03:03 PM

My heart was pounding as I bolted uphill. I began to pant in fear. The shadows of the trees lurked into the darkness, and the wind growled and slammed cold blasts of air upon me. My thighs got heavier each step, but I couldn't give up because she was right behind me. I stumbled on every rock I encountered and my body wanted to give up. Her growl echoed in the darkness as she flapped her wings and took flight. I knew why she was after me, and she wasn't going to give up until she gets what she wants.

The further I went, the closer she got. The wind blew even harder trying pushing me back, but this time the spooky trees joined in as well. Mud splashed all over my legs and it was raining cats and dogs. I bolted further up the hill but tiredly collapsed as my legs couldn't carry me much longer. I could taste blood and failure as I landed on the wet sand. Tears of fear went down my chin as I saw her tall, huge figure crawling towards me like a predator. Her body became more dreadful as she came closer, but her face remained the same since it couldn't get uglier. She petrified me even more and her fork tongue dangled between her fangs mischievously. I looked up to the dark sky begging for him to help me, but he still didn't respond.

The creature’s sharp claws penetrated beneath my skin and began to torment me even more. Kicking back my feet was hopeless since it felt like trying to drown a fish in water. I screamed piercingly until I ran out of hope and collapsed on the ground disappointed. As I lied down in pain and anguish, my life started to flash before my eyes. My eyes flashed from the day we were hopelessly poor until I made the worst decision in my life.... selling my soul to the DEVIL. I thought of my daughter's starving face and the shame I felt for not working hard enough to support her. Janice, my poor little Janice. How she always begged me to provide her with fancy clothing, just so she could fit in with the rich kids. At least we got wealthy. At least she got to enjoy a luxurious life before time was up. Red stains were all over my dress, and I closed my eyes and patiently waiting for death. But death was taking his time. The next thing I knew is that I was lying down on a hospital bed, with my daughter standing right beside me.

Tags: Fear, Demon, Money, Graphic
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Maggie says:
17 Nov, 2016 08:14 AM

Good, I loved it! Reminded me a lot of a Supernatural episode!

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