2 faces of 3d slaughter

Robin Carretti

03 Dec, 2016 06:11 PM

A few strands, of her hair, messed up falling,she felt someone dark vibe waiting out there. She was the victim haunting music pulsing at her throat she got popped.What fucker's of a different tribe It was a hot humid smoked up day.Looking out the darkness spanked her window, it needed a change,her blood was dripping out of the art-work.She saw his face, coming at her, threatened by him.Turned 4 a second 2 faces came out spitting up blood mirror mirror on the hell of the fall face to face. Rock danger of ricochet, she needed to slip a note, to the detective no one believed her story. The police officer thought she was so paranoid,her husband was in the dark room slaughtering up hell's angel's food,this woman called the slaughter house Police force, so many times crying Wolf!! She got her bloody artist hands, trying to keep steady.She was following her Feeling ready to pop another pill. She was seeing 2 many images erotic, head bashing psychotic. revealing more secrets like she was the straight jacket woman of triple-sex planet.They took her away, half painted wall, of her multiple personalities. She needed to get out, of the dark and come into the white light. Miss Crawford. But this is the world of Vampires.She ended up, in a (Dark-shadow web).This woman, Angelic,had no friend's only the best kept one's were Vampire's evil pick of friends, were Witches of a harem, getting the sick patients,like they were experiments, making them into world of vampires sucking blood mental house. She knew too well through her body what was going on in this world love web of a tangle you felt like the woman through master bed chamber being brutalized by King of the reign Xavier. Web of pain Fatal-Femme you got brainwashed, into hidden reservoirs, lost desire no breast to breast stroking. He’s from the underworld,talking with bloody rage please help me Please God, I know you will help me and my family.Smells bad taste of skunk, Cooked up in his smoking.Her husband didn’t believe, a word, of what she was feeling. As if she was, on this dark planet far from twilight Wolfen you needed a better howling. Owl red eye's Jack the stripper on the prowling.Sign's on the devil end, she's in her peak road, she started to love the danger.She couldn’t open up, to her friends,Everyone needed to be sucked, into this world, far-fetched mind so exaggerating.She got in a bloody puddle, slipping falling deadly in love eating up his body-part's of his burger.

She-devil Cat woman, and he was City loved & sadistically love to watch people so pitiful not yellow taxi, Her name was Mop it up Maxi cab driver, running over fresh kill of bodies.Feeling burglarized, flaming eyes went higher than she could, suck his eyeball out!!Anxiously and finicky, nervous eye, on him, two spies looking Pennsylvania traveler’s.Hit you stronger, than his savage sound, of voice rhythm.She felt he was Peter took a falling Paul and she was Mary maniac.

She could hear tones over and over kill me instead kill me instead she felt she cold of had her head bashed what was this all bout Mistress in black wed.

This all phobia of a planet…. For instance Papa papa phobia he always ran the water all over floods of a house he couldn’t shut it off. Grandma was on the internet like Interpol FBI fire away click closer to your death chemical warfare is called chemophia.She had her last words,spoken to a friend devil wear's blood pool of Prada. Femme-Fatale had a sister twin called-Plum-bad gem she was that deadly sparkle but smart, and manipulative. Her son Charlie was also in the game the world of deceit personalities you didn’t know one from the other. At times he couldn’t see through Grunge sexy mother.

Crystallaphobia they were all hooked, but Evil scheme embraced. Game of Blood, bath dead layering bodies.Hands cuffed dominatrix game, puzzling twisted man and sisters family of Vampires. Wanting their blood, you get more into the game no holy water to spread all toxic flames.You wake screaming, saying have mercy.Money world laundered called chrometophobia,master-mind, American Express cards, all destroyed to bring, new identity, of cards. who own's them, Own world of cards, called Black Death diamonds, they were a cult of maniacs, those cards more blood the stronger. Mistress by accident homophobia after sucking blood they leave dead weight diamonds over there body. Investigation, going on,the world on Earth, had no idea, about these people from 19 steps underneath. Hidden money, private jets, the people that didn’t obey hey you you have two brain's your fired you rejects.You took a wild ride, prehistorically beast-like you uncorked your own grave bottle.The darkness came stronger really dark wine.

Remembering the rock he bought her Round as a planet but lost in her eyes deadly sparks Mirror two faces, world of three-dimensional adventures. She had a taste,she was darker & darker she was fitting into the world, but trying to fit into her world.

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