What is the truth?

Jun Han

04 Jan, 2013 02:29 PM

Hello.... my dear.. creations.
My name is Gabriel, an Archangel of the heavens.
Today I descended unto earth to tell you, to inform you of what I have seen, as a brother of Lucifer, and as a creation of God.
This is my story, and this just may bare the truth.

We were first created countless of years ago, before the creation of the universe: all was empty, and there was nothing. God, our creator, whom does not exist in one time or place, had existed since time and space had begun. According to His majesty, He had created us for servitude, he wanted praise and he wanted servants. And so, He created us with words, unlike you humans, who had been molded by His majesty's hands. Anyhow, there were 8 of us, Michael, myself, Raphael, Uriel, Jehudiel, Sealtiel, Barachiel, and the strongest of us all, Luciel, that were named the Archangels who governed legions of God's servants. All was peaceful, there existed no evil in that world, we praised and served God as we were made to, and we were happy. However... this peace did not last... for the future was to bring much change...

The first to know was Luciel, our leader. He had overheard The Father, The son, and The Spirit's discussions about the future. For long he stayed in his dwelling, in your terms of time, about a millennia. And soon all the angels were worried sick, and even more so were the Archangels. Soon enough, as myself and Michael prepared to storm in, and ask exactly, what the Holy Trinity discussed, Luciel emerged. Desperate, angered, and alien, he asked us:

"Our father is just, is he not my brothers, is he not the perfect one For ALL of us, does he not love us?"

and explained to us, the future, the humans, hell, sin, the death of the son....We were all shocked, I repeatedly inquired about the validity of the claims, argued against the statements, but to no avail did i succeed. Finally, Michael, the second in command, suggested a solution to the dilemma.

"Luciel, my brother, do not dwell upon this matter alone, consult He, for He cannot lie, he is bound by his own laws"...

As we awaited for our brother to come back, we sensed that something was wrong. A large terrifying rage had begun to form, near the House of God. It approached us with speed, and we all got ready. And soon, the origin of the rage grew close enough for us to see, and the face we saw was Luciel's, he had come back. With rage he proclaimed

"He is no just GOD, he is not a loving God, nor is he a 'divine' Creator! Our fate is sealed my companions, and so is the fate of our fellow HUMANS!! I have explained to you, All my worries, All my questions, and All my solutions, and now, I have gotten answer, he is what i had said, he does not deserve such power, such Glory... Rise up!! my soldiers, my brothers!!, Gabriel, Michael!! Uriel!!! follow me!! we must do what is right, what is just and what is fair, We must help the Humans!"

This is wrong, i thought, what he may have said is right, but we were created to serve, and we were the servant of God. However, this was not true for all of us. Luckily, all the other Archangels seemed stationary, but legions of angels had started following Luciel. Desperate, I approached Luciel to convince him otherwise, and he said to me with open arms

"Ah, Gabriel, I knew you would come, you are like me, just and passionate.... as for the others, if they do not come, i suppose they will become my enemies, my own brothers...must they fight for Him, when we are to fight for justice?"

I replied, retreating away from him

"Luciel, Brother!, this is madness, God has created us, and we are to serve him, and without question. As you say, we are brothers, and brothers must stick together... Do not leave Brother!!.. please, come to your senses!"

Enraged, Lucifer cried,

"Alas, Gabriel even you have forsaken me, even you have forsaken Justice..... leave now, before i erase you, leave Gabriel, and I hope my brothers will open their eyes soon...."

Thus is the story, the untold story..... the rest is clear. My brothers and I, along with God successfully defended our place, and Luciel, whom was a Mighty ally before, was defeated as a mighty enemy, and exiled from Heaven. From then on, he was called Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness. To this day, he opposes God, though foul and twisted, he was noble, and he was good, and all he wanted was justice..... All Luciel wanted... was your freedom. I remember the very questions he uttered last to us in heaven.

"what is the truth? what is happiness? what is good, and what is bad? and what my friends, must we do?"

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Fallen_Angels_Cant_fly says:
06 Jan, 2013 05:51 PM

I loved the story it was VERY creative! plz do write another

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Bony Yousuf says:
08 Jan, 2013 06:01 AM

Another awesome story...

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carol says:
13 Aug, 2013 06:16 PM

The story is missleading.Because Satan rebealed against God and the truth is that satan hates humanity. Because God loves us. Greater is he who is with God then he who is in the world. Find God and you well find the truth.

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Jun Han says:
29 Aug, 2013 12:01 PM

HAHAHAHAHA and how do you know that???? God told you that lol, the BIble, you never got to hear Satan's side of the story. Every word that describes God, its from the book that he himself wrote. Its like, praising yourself in a autobiography.

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Youngster21 says:
16 Sep, 2013 01:35 PM

This is just an insane short story, well I'm sorry if i sounded too mean, the way you wrote was really amazing, I just don't like the plot.

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minkaalvado23 says:
16 Dec, 2013 01:20 AM

Jun han: and may I return the question of "how did you know that?". It's like taking the side of satan while you don't actually know what is the truth in living with God. And you laugh...

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Demorgorgon says:
03 Nov, 2016 01:59 PM

This story is blasphemous. Keep in mind that in the end times people will try to make you hate God. I've noticed how so many people love Lucifer and believe that God is an evil being. He is not an evil being but one that cares for us. And for you who wrote this story and another disrespectfully story about the Devil, I hope that you stop sleeping and wake up. Also those that are agreeing with this, keep in mind that this is a way to test your faith.

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Jun Han says:
27 Nov, 2016 02:23 AM

Demorgorgon: of course its blasphemous, to God, that was the whole point. I'm not saying this is true but that its just imagination based on what isn't on the bible. it doesn't change the fact that lucifer is a fallen angel and that he turned against god. and plus from an objective view point either this story or God's bible could be true. The only reason you say this is blasphemous is because you base all your judgements on the bible.

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Demorgorgon says:
08 Jan, 2017 03:04 PM

Jun Han:You may have a point but either way, your story is threatening others' faith. Oww, and to be honest n not considering the bible, your story isn't captivating. I showed people n even my non christian friends thought it was stupid. just being honest.

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