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This is amazing, really understandable
this is simply amazing...
I agree with you- !!!
This is wonderful, wish that i could write like this
These are really cool, I've youtubed them all!
FREAKY! but freaky good, i really like this 'cause its the kind of thing id dream . really enjoyed it :)
so soulless, so true.
this is great!
Wow! You really have made a really cool poem out of such a strong subject, beautifully done.
this is just...amazing
awesome? scary? brilliant! i say yes to all of them...i think this poems explains alot of feelings that im to scared to face
i wish i had written it! mine, mine, mine! i love it. even a painful poem can make you happy-
one of the bravest poems i have read. just- wow. i feel like clapping though, not trying to give you pity; you don't want it or i think need it. best poem i have read as well as bravest.
amazing mental pictures without much description, deep, dark and wonderful.
woa..amazing just about sums it up with a side plate of awesome!
i think it's interesting and somehow- it made me want to read on. i enjoyed it, some 'scary stories' are so straight forward but i like the ones that you need to think about and this one is is great.
i cant wait to see what happens, but i dont know who else you could add.
i think u should finish it, its begging to be finished because the biggings so good, please do or write something else for me and anyone else who enjoys your stories
wow, scary, i like it.