leaning against the wall


24 Jun, 2013 06:45 AM
I see the shadow staring at me from down the hall
It's waiting for me to fail,
waiting for me to fall

It disappears and vanishes into the air
but it's always around feeding on my fear

It appears again leaning against the wall
It keeps looking at my way making my skin crawl

I look at it trying to figure out why it follows me
I look into it's hollow face and all I see is me

It smiles and starts to walk my way
I wanna scream for help 
but I'm frozen in terror all I do is stay

It gets closer I wanna look away
but it holds my gaze I'm too terrified to look away

Just when I can almost touch it, this shadow raises its arm pointing his finger at me
then I realize all I can see is me

I look around and no one's in the hall
its just me leaning up against the wall...
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anne says:
06 Aug, 2013 02:14 PM

This is amazing, really understandable

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