A Single Sound

Kitty Lexuslover

18 May, 2013 04:16 AM
A single sound was all it took
to turn my life upside down
A single sound that engraved itself with in my own mind
The sound of one you loved hitting the ground 
And the pain you felt came from that undying love that now seized to exist 

A vengeful soul 
that now rules over all
Full of hatred 
But only towards myself 
If only I was strong enough to ever listen

The regret of pure essence 
to be corrupted by pure rage
That only existed because fear love to play game
And death seem to always join in
That day it had me in check mate

The blood on my hands 
As dropped the gun a rushed by his side
I'm sorry was all I could say as i close my eyes and wish for him to survive 
But little did I know it was over before it begun

All it took was a single sound to put me back in my place
A single sound to make me realize I had made a mistake
An life changing sound to make me desire my death to come
All it took was a single death of one I loved
Tags: Love, Death, Suffering
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anne says:
20 Jun, 2013 05:16 PM

This is wonderful, wish that i could write like this

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