A Black Bird


07 Jan, 2016 04:09 PM
I dream of a bird. 
A black bird. 
That's what i am. 
A black bird whose wings are broken. 
Who the other birds have lost faith in because i cannot fly. 
The sky has harden. 
I flap my wings and soar. 
It hurts so bad. 
It hurts to be free. 
I cannot take it anymore. 

I scream. 
I fall. 
I fall to the ground. 
The sky has darken. 
The gray clouds roll in. 
The thunder roars. 
Lightning strikes. 
The sky shakes. 
With little hope. 
I crawl. 
I hear a voice. 
It whispers don't look back. 
But do and i hate it. 
I cannot see. 
I try to look forward but i am blinded by the fear behind me. 
And i fall. 

I fall into a hole and climb to a ledge. 
The hole fills up with water no blood it is filling up thick blood. 
Lightning strikes then thunder comes no not thunder it screams. 
The hole is filling up. 
I am going to drown. 
I feel comfort and warmth rising in my heart. 
And i do not scream i sing. 
I sing beautifully. 
The blood is up to my neck i try to finish my song but i am choking. 
I gasp for air. 
My lungs burning. 
I close my eyes inhale and die.
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