Fallen Angel


02 Feb, 2013 03:12 AM
I am a fallen angel, my wings torn 
and my immortality stripped from me. 
However you see, I did not die. 
Because I am already dead.
On the inside. 
Love is forbidden to my kind, 

it seem I cannot break the rhyming. 
My heart is slowly dying, 
on the inside I am crying. 
Though on the outside I do not shed a tear, 
only because I have you near. 

I hear you whisper softly in my ear, 
"oh darling I am so glad you are here." 
I still keep seeing you, I cannot break away. 
The two of us are love, 
though I fell from heaven, 
you still remain there. 

We meet in secret, 
so no one else can see.
The love you show me. 
I hold you so dearly, 
to my blackened heart. 
I know that one day.
we will be torn apart.
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