Our Dark Rite

Wes Dark Oakes

10 Jul, 2013 03:34 AM
We wonder through pitch black dark deserted streets.
As we roam dark cloaked with minds of madness.
We know where He is calling us.
We go into the dark grove of trees, to begin our dark rite on this wicked night.

Where blood is shed upon the dark altar.
To prolonged our lives for hundreds of years more.
These rites to evade our deep dark sleep of eternal death forever more.
This will evade our entrance into the gates of Hell where He always dwells.

The naked virgin lays on the stone alter tied.
She whimpers in the cold night knowing her fate.
I on this dark stormy night am the golden blood chalice barer.
She screams as the knife slices across her neck.

It turns to a deep gurgle with a cough.
I let the blood flow into the golden chalice.
It fills to the top and I drink greedily upon it.
I pass the cup around to you all and you drink deeply as well!

The pale skin virgin dies upon the blood stained alter.
We shed our cloaks and naked we dance around the circle.
Chanting “Oh great Dark One let this blood prolong our lives”
The moon fall behind the clouds as our Dark Rite is done.
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