Crimson Red


05 Jan, 2014 05:51 AM
Too much to fight
Too much to feel
Too little light 
For me to heal

I’m stuck in the shadow
Of my long dark past
Stuck like a scare-crow
In fields so vast

A hold on me has the darkness
No longer can I resist it
Black, turns my soul from madness
My heart a bottomless pit

Crimson red is all I see
Crimson red is home to me
Crimson red is what I know
Crimson red…it’s time to go

Float away my soul O Death 
Tear my pride in half
I have need of no more breath
So cut me down and laugh

Born into this world of gray
This is where I’m stuck to age
Life is what we have to pay
To wait for death in his lonely cage

Way too long have I been holding on
It seems to me, my time has come
Into the darkness have I withdrawn
And to my death I shall succumb

Now my life is at its end
By my hand shall it be done
The cuts I’ve made I cannot mend
Crimson red at last has won
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D.Brown says:
20 Mar, 2014 05:06 PM

I love your poem. You are an amazing writer and you use words so well. It flows perfectly. I hope you post more of your poems. I would be happy to read them. Take care! :)

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